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In the near future, mankind fights against giant space monsters with the help of giant robots. It is up to Noriko Takaya and the secret weapon Gunbuster to defend Earth against the incoming threat.

Soon after leaving the solar system, mankind discovers a race of giant bug-like creatures traveling across the galaxy—creatures which seem determined to exterminate all of mankind.  To defend against this threat, humanity builds space-faring warships and giant fighting robots in order to do combat with the creatures.  These giant robots (Rx-7 Machine Weapons), are piloted by young men and women (essentially high school students) who learn to pilot them at special schools.
One such student is Noriko Takaya, whose father was a famous admiral in the space fleet that first encountered and fought against the space monsters.  Despite her fathers high standings, Noriko's own skill is questionable at best.  However, Koichiro "Coach" Ohta, Noriko's coach and a member of the fleet her father commanded, has faith in her and believes she can become one of the best pilots at the school through "hard work and courage."
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Hideaki Anno
Katsuhiko Nishijima
Shoichi Masuo
Kohei Tanaka

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General Information Edit
Name Gunbuster
Name: トップをねらえ!
Romaji: Top o Nerae!
Publisher Gainax
Start Year 1988
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Aliases Top wo Nerae!, Aim for the Top!
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