Gunbuster is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 2 anime series
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A pair of vaguely related OVAs (as well as a movie combining footage from both), featuring girls operating enormous mechs in a vaguely distant future.

The Gunbuster World.
The Gunbuster World.

Was created in 1988 and was a six episode OVA and also herald the debut of Hideaki Anno, Perhaps more famous now for Neon Genesis. The OVA has span into another OVA series called Gunbusters 2. The series did not come to America until 1990 and has become somewhat of a cult classic.

The Plot.

The story follows an alien race bent on wiping the humans of the face of the galaxy, In response to the threat, The Humans develop giant mechs to fight in space called the RX7. Much like Gundam the suits are powered by a single pilot. We watch as a fresh bunch of students start their training for the battles ahead. The story is set in 2023 and follows a group of female pilots who will hold the line against the forth coming horde.

With the help of their Coach the woman come to terms with a war and the pain of loss. As the final battle rages on earth once again turns to science and create a bomb called Buster machine III. If the bomb explodes it will create a black hole and will take away the alien threat. The Bomb is set of and suck our heroes away with it. In the last episode we see the two female pilots travelling home at light speed.

General Information Edit
Name: Gunbuster
Name: トップをねらえ!
Romaji: Top wo Nerae!
Aliases: Aim for the Top! Gunbuster
Anime and Manga
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