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Gun X Sword is an anime series
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Baron Mayer

the major of the town


member of The El Dorado Five

Bunny Montana

She is a daughter of Tony Montana.


member of The El Dorado Five

Carmen 99

A mysterious and self-sufficient mercenary introduced in episode 2. The '99' in her name is the size of her bust, thus Carmen 99, but her real name is Carol Mendosa.


Carossa is the pilot of Sin of Friday and is Meryssa's twin brother. He is very protective of his sister and dies protecting her.

Catherine Nakata

She is the queen of a seaport kingdom near Missoghi.

Earl Driver

A twin sister of Elle Driver. She hired Ray Lundgren to kill her sister.

Elle Driver

A twin sister of Earl Driver. She hired Ray Lundgren to kill her sister.



He is Hayetah's father and a great engineer.


Gadved is the pilot of Diablo of Monday. He and Van were once friends. The death of Van's wife changed all that.


He is an armor manufacturer of the Rail Work Corporation


She is an old friend of Carmen 99

Joe Lutz

the owner of the island called ~ La vie en Rose ~


member of The El Dorado Five.

Joshua Lundgren

Joshua is Ray's younger brother. He is very gifted at repairing machinery. He wants Ray to come home and not take his revenge. He helps Van and Wendy in their quest to defeat The Claw.


He is the captain of the pirate submarine.


He is Bunny Montana's boyfriend.

Lucky Roulette

Boss of the gang called Wild Bunch.


He's the leader of the Missoghi Young Men's Association, and he is hired by Carmen 99 to handle supplies.


She is doctor's assistant


Meryssa is the twin sister of Carossa and is the pilot of Sen of Saturday. She is very shy and doesn't like to fight. She is killed by Ray Lundgren

Michael Garret

Michael is the older brother of Wendy Garret. He was kidnapped from his home by The Claw. He eventually joins The Claw in his cause. He has a relationship with Fasalina and is the pilot of Saudade of Sunday.


member of The El Dorado Five


A young armor pilot who follows Van after encountering him in a tournament.

Ray Lundgren

Ray Lundgren is a character in Gun Sword. He is also seeking to kill the Claw because his wife was murdered by him. He pilots an armor called Volkan. He wants his revenge at any cost and does not care who lives or dies.

The Claw

Tony Montana

Father of Bunny Montana and a mafia boss.



She is the president of the Meuuniere Salvage Union.

Wendy Garret

William Will Woo

William Will Woo is the pilot of Metsa of Tuesday. He is a nobleman and owns a large mansion on Endless Illusion.

Yukiko Steavens

Owner of the Pink Amigo restaurant.

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