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Van is a swordsman hell-bent on avenging the death of his fiancée. Wendy Garrett is a pretty young girl with an arsenal of antique guns who belives her brother has been kidnapped by the same criminal. She joins forces with Van in a picaresque quest mixing the Western attitudes of Trigun with the town-of-the-week conceit of Kino's Journey. Their quarry is "the Claw," a man bent on reshaping the world they live on and the killer of Van's Wife and the kidnapper of Wendy's Older Brother.  His goal sounds harmless enough,  remove the suffering and sadness but his way of ending these two is anything but.  
The story takes place on a planet called The Endless Illusion.  It was originally a penal planet for prisoners from earth.  Seven armors were designed to help keep peace on this planet.  They are named after the days of the week.  They are Diablo of Monday, Metsa of Tuesday, Dhalia of Wednesday, Dann of Thursday, Sin of Friday, Sen of Saturday and Saudade of Sunday.  Van Pilots Dann of Thursday.  The other six are piloted by someone affiliated with The Claw.  
Van and Wendy travel to different towns in search for leads as to where The Claw is and if anyone has seen Wendy's brother.  Along the way they meet Carmen 99 who has worked with Van before.  They also meet Joshua Lundgren who is also missing a brother.  Later they meet Joshua's brother Ray who is also in search of The Claw for the same reason Van is after him.  His wife was also killed by The Claw.  Ray pilots another armor called Volkan.  The two compete for the chance to kill The Claw and avenge the death of their loved one.  
Van and Wendy also meet a group of old men who pilot a set of vehicles that form a robot called the El Dorado.  They also meet another armor pilot named Priscilla.  They also run into the pilots of the other original seven armors.  Wendy discovers that her brother has now joined The Claw and becomes the pilot of Saudade.  Van and Ray reluctantly team up and defeat the pilots of the original seven until only Fasalina and Michael remain.  The Claw has a plan which he calls the birthday celebration where he will pilot a gigantic robot and "stop the suffering and sadness."  In order to stop him Van must team up with all the people he has met thus far.  The heroes come out victorious and stop The Claw but it is unclear what has happened to Van.  Years later he meets up with Wendy who has cooked a meal for him.
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Name Gun X Sword
Name: ガン × ソード
Publisher ?
Start Year 2005
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Aliases Gun Sword
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