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Gun Fight is a anime/manga concept
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Faye Valentine

A buxom, generally scantily-clad bounty hunter of ill repute. Reluctant yet repeated partner of the Bebop crew. Her aggressive personality hides a secret past.

Galil (Galil AR)

Transfer student to the school, she is an Israeli AK variant and enemy of M16, she is Sako's partner.

Ichihachi (AR18)

FNC's roommate and sister of M16, she is known for having lose pants (reference to the lose stock of the AR-18)

Ichiroku (M16A4)

One of FNCs best friends, and is one of the most popular guns in the school.

Jennifer Gray

As an undercover FBI agent working for the US military, Jennifer is first introduced in the D of D tournament. During the raid of the island, she displays master-skill marksmanship and claims herself to be Sakaki Shio's fiance.

Jet Black

Jet Black is a former police officer. He is a bounty hunter with Spike Spiegel on the Bebop.


A woman from Spike's past. She had been Vicious' girlfriend but there seems to be a connection between her and Spike.


Member of the Syndicate, partner of Vicious, brother of Shin

Loose Ruth

Loose Ruth AKA Constance Rifle was one of the first Bounty Hunters to try to claim the reward on Vash the Stampede

Motosugu Shirahama

Motosugu is the father of Kenichi Shirahama and husband of Saori Shirahama. He becomes protective of Kenichi during his training at Ryouzanpaku and carries his 2 shotguns with him, "Sebastion" and "Maximillion".

Najica Hiiragi

A noted perfumer for CRI Cosmetics who is also a field agent for CRI's Intelligence Bureau.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood

One of Trigun's most important characters, Vash's best friend

Sako (SAKO Rk 95 Tp)

Transfer student and enemy of M16, she is an AK variant determined to beat her, she also has a crush on FNC.


Ex-member of the Syndicate, he helped Spike fight the Syndicate in the last two episodes of Cowboy Bebop. He is the brother of Lin.

Spike Spiegel

A tall, slender bounty hunter whose laid back sensibilities play down the abilities of a Jeet Kune Do master.


Although Vash may seem wacky, he is a badass who fights for a very noble cause -- Love & Peace.


Vicious man from Spike Spiegel's past. Once part of the same syndicate, Vicious stayed in while Spike left. Now, Vicious looks to take over and will kill Spike as he taunts him about Julia.


Wen is a villain from Cowboy Bebop who was rendered immortal and unable to age after the lunar gate explosion

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