Guld Goa Bowman

Guld Goa Bowman is a anime/manga character in the Macross franchise
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Guld Goa Bowman is one of the three central characters of the Macross Plus series.


Guld Goa Bowman
Guld Goa Bowman

Guld is a half human/half zentradei male born on the planet Eden. He grew up with Isamu Dyson and Myung Fang Long. The three were very close but something happened that the trio went their separate ways until fate brought them home. Guld became the test pilot for General Galaxy's YF-21 variable fighter (dubbed Omega One during testing). The YF-21 was thought to be the sure winner due to the problems that Shinsei Industries was having with the YF-19. Isamu Dyson, recently transferred back to Eden, was assigned to fly the fighter (which was due back from the factory after the last tested piloted was killed in a crash). The two immediately recognized one another and their rivalry began anew.

Myung, who had given up singing, was now a manager for virtual idol Sharon Apple. Guld deduced that Myung would go to the Star Hill upon returning and the two were reunited. Isamu also arrived but he was on a date with another young woman at the time. The two began a fight but Myung broke it up and made the two go their separate ways. Strange things began happening during the test phases and Guld had to rescue Myung from a fire at the concert hall. The two would later have an intimate encounter, with Guld declaring to Isamu that the only thing they had to fight for now was the project, which was fine with Isamu. During the testing Isamu upset Guld and the two began fighting with the variable fighters. During the melee Guld acquired Isamu's gunpod (which was loaded with one live round) and while everyone else was looking away from the screen fired a live round from the gunpod into the YF-19. When Guld was brought before the board of inquiries he did his best to draw suspicion away from himself and was vouched for by the General in charge of Project: Supernova.

Guld in the YF-21
Guld in the YF-21

Project: Supernova was abruptly cancelled with the announcement that the U.N. Spacey would be going with an unmanned fighter. This upset Isamu Dyson and the YF-19 designer Yan Newman. The two stole the YF-19 and proceeded to Earth to face the unmanned fighter. Guld was sent to destroy them. During their latest encounter Guld's memory block finally popped. In their youth Guld misunderstood a moment between Myung and Isamu and he attacked Isamu and assaulted Myung (whether he raped her was never divulged). Guld realized that he was the villain but saw that Isamu had survived his attack and the two made up. Guld would challenge the unmanned Ghost Fighter while Isamu went to disable Sharon Apple who had taken control of the SDF-1 Macross and hypnotized everyone at the festival.

Guld would ultimately give his life to destroy the Ghost Fighter by smashing the YF-21 into the Ghost Fighter destroying both.

Voiced by
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Unshou Ishizuka
General Information Edit
Name: Guld Goa Bowman
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Macross Plus #1
1st anime movie: Macross Plus: The Movie
Recent Movies
Macross Plus: The Movie

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Attractive Male
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Driving/Piloting Skillzz!
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