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Hokay, I missed this one the first time it came through due to utter chaos throughout my weekend (the good kind...mostly), but Moon Phase reported that the official website for the epic fantasy drama Guin Saga had a trailer up. Woo hoo, right?

But there's a twist: it's actually a trailer in English. As in, dubbed into English. It's not clear at this time who dubbed it, and I'm curious as to whether the audience for it is supposed to be English-speaking anime fans-- or English-language anime companies. (In other words, has it been licensed already but kept quiet, or is Aniplex trying to push it for a licensor)?

Also, I'm curious, dub fans out there: can you identify any of the voice actors? 
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The narrator at least is Michael McConnohie (, long time veteran of stage and voice work, which means the dub was produced in Los Angeles. There's also rumbles that Guin is voiced in that trailer by Tony Oliver (, who most will recognise as Rick Hunter of Robotech fame, although I'm not quite so sure on that front.

I was, uh, kind of hoping you'd know more about this yourself, Gia. Have you been asking around? Does anyone know anything about this so far? Nobody's stepped forward to claim credit for the dub, and there's a lot of confusion about what this is exactly and whether there's some kind of impending digital release of the series.
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