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Guilty Gear is a franchise
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Guilty Gear is a ever-popular franchise of beat-em-up games that has spawned a manga and a short anime.

Guilty Gear

Guilty Gear has had many many games in its time, starting off in 1998, and still producing games now, racking up a total of 12 console games/revisions. It is a 2D fighting game like many other beat-em-up games, however it is much more fast paced than the others in its genre. Guilty Gear also carries many elements of heavy metal and rock in its looks, sounds and characters, having quite a few characters with the same name as famous metal and rock stars though they are slightly altered - this influence comes from Daisuke Ishiwatari's love of heavy metal and rock, along with the fact he loved Queen.
Guilty Gear's story follows the antihero and protagonist Sol Badguy, along with other characters who all participate in "The Second Sacred Order Tournament" for all their own reasons. Guilty Gear is set in the year 2180 apocalyptic future on a earth that has just survived a 100 years war with man-made bio-organic weapons called "Gears". In the year 2010 humans discovered an unlimited energy supply which they called Magic, although solving the world wide energy problems wars still persisted and Magic was merged with humans and living creatures creating living weapons - Gears, however the Gears eventually turned on mankind. The Sacred Order of Holy Knights fought with the Gears and managed to defeat their leader Justice, locking her away in a dimensional prison the other Gears simply ceased to function. However a Gear called Testament was still functioning and 5 years on has begun a plan to resurrect the Gear's leader - "Justice", to wipe out mankind once again, and so the Union of Nations decided to hold "The Second Sacred Order Tournament" to find fighters strong enough to defeat Testament and prevent the revival of Justice, with the reward being anything the winner desired.
As the fighters progressed through the tournament they learn of its true goal. When they finally reach Testament and defeat him, unknowingly they aid in Justice's revival - by spilling the blood of Testament, now they must fight a extremely hard fight against Justice... 
In the end Sol defeated Justice allowing a unsteady peace to continue.
~The events of Guilty Gear.
General Information Edit
Name: Guilty Gear
Name: ギルティギア
Romaji: Giruti Gia
Anime and Manga
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