Weekly Guilty Crown: Ep. 19 - Rebirth and Atonement

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Welcome to Guilty Crown report! I'm sorry for the late reports. Let's discuss episode 19, Rebirth: Atonement.


Haruka originally planned to kill Mana, but she was not there. After Keido had shot Haruka, she escapes with the Void Genome with Seiga pursuing her. With Seiga slaughtering Funeral Parlor troops, it appears that Seiga will claim the Void Genome from Ayase until Shu arrives.

What will Shu do and what are Keido/Gai's plans?


Beware of spoilers!


Rest in Peace, Oogumo
Rest in Peace, Oogumo
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Oogumo is a cool character and soldier to the very end. He sacrificed himself to save Haruka. I didn't expect Seiga to kill him.
  • There is more back story on Haruka and Shu. We learned that Haruka is not Shu's real mother. I'm glad that they focus some attention on Haruka.
  • When Shu got his powers back, the ambient music and Shu's new Void make this the best scene that get the fans to cheer on Shu. Shu avenges Oogumo by taking down Seiga.


I never liked Seita
I never liked Seita
  • For new people who are not accustomed to the bloodshed, Seiga's no mercy scenes in killing a woman and Oogumo can be a little disheartening.
  • Shibungi's back story didn't provide enough details on his relationship with Gai. Hopefully, we get to hear some information.

Overall, this episode is great because Shu is somewhat a man that holds the tremendous burden of everyone. He took Souta's cancer and prepares to risk his own life to save everyone. This is a true king unlike Gai who has become cold and ruthless. The fights and the flow of events are excellent.



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Shu basically becomes Jesus in this episode, I never saw it coming, besides getting a new arm

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Me, too. I thought Shu's Void would be the one to revive people. This one suits him. Finally, Shu is back to his old self.


I just came home from Church, and I finally got your joke. Shu is like Jesus because he bear everyone's sin and die for it.

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