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Welcome to the Guilty Crown report! I'm Taka, Kuro's partner and substitute reporter. This report, I'm going to cram two episodes episode 17 and 18, Revolution: Exodus and Wandering: Dear. Again, I apologize for the late weekly reports. My team is very busy with school.


The students under Shu's oppressive rule are starting to feel discontent and rebellious towards the harsh king, leading them to start a coup d'etat lead by Arisa Kuhouin. Inori begins to notice her scary behaviour, and realizes that she is the one who attacked Arisa without being aware of it. Will Shu realize that his followers are actually planning a rebellion? Will the UN actually go through with nuking Japan? And what will happen when a certain someone makes a surprising return?

By KuroNekoXIII

After Gai destroys the enemy bombers, Inori and Shu escape. Arisa decides to work under Gai's orders, and Gai has the world on its knees due to his leukocytes. Meanwhile, Okina plans to confront Arisa. What does Okina have plans in store for Arisa and why does Gai want Inori?

By Takashichea


Beware of spoilers!


Inori fighting to protect Shu
Inori fighting to protect Shu
  • Awesome Plot Twist:Many fans knew Gai was coming back due to the ending in the last episode. However, I didn't expect Gai to chop off Shu's arm. It's a brutal surprise.
  • All Hell is Breaking Loose: There are a lot of atrocities in these two episodes. For example, Arisa just sold her body to this guy with glasses to get intelligence; in the next episode, Arisa kills her father while working to please Gai. Speaking of Gai, he destroys a bomber with the Voids of the student who were planning to kill Shu. Plus, Gai has the whole world on his knees.
  • Inori and Shu got their first kiss. She had a big scene where she takes on the army of Endlave before Gai ties her up and insults her. I always love Inori's sing scenes.


Inori realizes the monster (Mana) lurking inside her
Inori realizes the monster (Mana) lurking inside her
  • Inori's Attempted Blowjob Scene: In addition to Arisa's implied sex scene, I didn't like how the creator made Inori attempting to give Shu, a blowjob. Mana is a promiscuous/horny beast that lurks in Inori's mind. Come on, creators. It's nasty to make Inori do this.
  • Shu needs to man up. He has been talking to Inori and saying sorry so many times. It's detrimental to Shu's character.


Thank you everyone for reading my team's weekly reports.

Please check out the Wiki Project and Kuro's wiki list to see the progress of the wiki pages. We welcome any help to the wiki pages.

My teammates are KuroNekoXIII, LordBane666, and Colorbrandon.

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Team Guilty Crown

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oh yeah this episode, where all the students turned stupid. They just got their freedom, they didn't need to rebel against Shu. I lost all respect for Arisa when she whored her self out. Plus that Inori transformation came from out of no where.

May I ask why so late covering these episodes? Guilty Crown finished weeks ago, I was reading the rage threads for these episodes on /a/ a while agol

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Sorry, it's college stuff for my teammates and I. Plus, I got other wiki projects which I do weekly reports for. I'm pretty sure my pal Kuro lost respect for her despite that he put her as his favorite gal in Guilty Crown.

I know Random Curiosity finished reviewing the episodes. For this community, I cover episode 19-20, and I will wait for Kuro to cover the last two. Thanks for the comment. I'm sorry for the late reports. I haven't been putting Guilty Crown as top priority on the wiki projects.


On the bright side, the students who rebel against Shu all died especially the perverted, glasses guy who slept with Arisa.

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Nice report Taka!

I apologize for disappearing on you, this semester was a tough one. Anyways, I'll be around the next few days (not as frequent), but by the end of the week I'll be on regularly as I used to.

I was mind blown by these two episodes (I still havent finished the series yet, this is where I roughly stopped). First off, I saw Gai's comeback coming, since he was briefly shown at the end of the last episode. But the way he acted was totally unexpected (I still dont know what made him turn out that way...I'll catch up on the series next week).

As for Inori, I was shocked as well....was she like that from the start?

I guess these episodes were like a turning point to the anime, imo. But honestly, I didn't really like how the plot turned out. I understand there's an element to suspense that the producers want to have, but they keep introducing random things which is beginning to annoy me (lol I'm ranting about my disappointment on the series). I hope they wrapped up the series well, and tied the loose ends in a neat and understandable way.

I'll be commenting on the rest of your reports once I finish watching (:

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Thanks partner! Don't worry about it. We all have school. I'll work on Guilty Crown Ep. 20's report and let you finished the last two episodes of Guilty Crown since you're the first one to start the Guilty Crown wiki project. You're the one who ends it!

Post by KuroNekoXIII (427 posts) See mini bio Level 14

@takashichea: No prob. Sweet, sounds like a plan!

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