Guilty Crown Ending Interpretation (spoilers)

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SPOILERS (Even though that goes without saying i guess)

Quick ending summary:

So in the very end, when Inori reappears, she is blind and cannot detech Shu, save for the outreached hands that clasp. After a touching embrace, Shu uses his void to absorb all of the voids (shards of Mana) in the world. Just before he is completely consumed by the crystals, Inori offers him the figure "diamonds" in the game Cat's Cradle. After he takes it, Inori seemingly disappears along with all of the cancerous crystals engulfing Shu. When Shu appears at Hare's birthday party after the time skip, he is supposedly blind (he carries a "white cane"). After the party, he sits in silence, puts on an ear piece (headphones?) and the ED music fades in as Inori and Shu embrace once again, in that white space.

My interpretation:

Disclaimer: My bible knowledge is poor (I hope not to offend anyone):

So my attempts at outside research has led me to a few ideas. Definitely the most powerful symbol in the ending is "Cat's Cradle," or also known as Manger Cradle. This is usually the centerpiece at nativity scenes (and in other words, the reason we celebrate Christmas). I might be thinking too hard about it. The figure Shu makes from Inori's "diamonds" is from what I can tell "Cat's Eye." The big question I am asking myself is: What is the importance of eyes?

It is really easy to see the Adam and Eve connections. The mysterious meteorite that Mana touches represents the "fruit." (there is a scene where you can see her bandaged finger, which was assumed to have touched the stone). But instead of Adam (Shu) taking the fruit offered by Eve (Mana), he refuses it, more than once. Research into the Adam and Eve (Fall of Man) story reveals this:

She then gives the fruit to the man, who eats also, "and the eyes of the two of them were opened." Aware now of their nakedness, they make coverings of fig leaves, and hide from the sight of God.

Which is probably the real explanation behind the sudden blindness of Inori and then of Shu.

Of course, some other things I found interesting was the camera focus on Shu's new robotic arm. This really reminded me of "a pound of flesh," a Shakespearean idiom that references a debt repaid heavily. The fact that he tapped into this "forbidden fruit" (that is the use of voids) means he lost the arm that touched it (his right arm).

But some of the questions that I have lingering are:

1. Where is the Garden of Eden? Is it the white space where Inori and Shu sometimes see each other?

2. Why does Inori live inside Shu? What is the importance of hearing/ears?

I would love to hear what everyone else thinks on this matter.

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It's a decent theory. Maybe a little tweet. What if Inori is Eve and Mana is actually Lilith? Just an idea.

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dunno man, I'm still in RAGE mode, I need to calm down first

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@Supreme Marvel: It's an interesting thought.

Technically Eve was "made" from Adam right? Which would check out because of Inori's synthetic origins.
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I'll comment soon as I finish the Guilty Crown's 2nd season. Awesome thread! It's good to see a fan making a thread and doing wiki work.

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I think (don't blame for not speaking that well english or if I offend you with my ideas.I'm German)

So first of all,I didn't search that far but what I concluded was that Inori and Shu are now in the same body.Well just their spirits.

I think the garden of eden is the space where they meet at the end because the garden of eden is supposed to be the place where everything is full of light and happiness..(I don't remember exactly what the garden of eden is)and for them,Inori and Shu,the most important thing is to be together so for them it's Eden.

Well now comes the part where I'm proud of because I like analyse stories ^^

The meaning of the hears and the eyes(my point of view):

The song that Inori sang destroyed the crystal at episode 11,so I think that when Shu listen to this song,he can go to the place where Inori is.

He became blind because he "absorbed" Inori or something like that.But the question,is why was Inori blind?I think she became blind because..well I don't know

So I think that the fact that he is blind(and absorbed her) and the power of the song of Inori can make him go where she is.

Well don't kill me it's how I explain it.In France,people are still thinking this end is shit but they don't analyse it deeper so I got angry because they are stupid and I'm glad to see that some people are seeing the real end and not just the sad end.thanks and hoped I help you a little bit.and sorry I couldn't do the spoilers warning

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Both Eve and Adam were said to be blind (which in a way means they are innocent). When Eve and Adam ate the forbidden fruit, they grew aware that they were naked and became aware of sin.

I think when Inori "ermerges" out of Mana's body at the very end covered in crystals, she has become "Eve," the biblical Eve. She is blind because she has not yet "taken the fruit". At the very end, Shu is blind because he became the biblical Adam. He rejected Mana's as Eve, and accepted Inori. I still can't explain why Inori disappears though. Perhaps because she takes in all of the voids in the world to save Shu.

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Well,I think Shu and Inori just became one.Like Eve was made out of Adam.Inori(Eve) just became Shu(Adam) again

or the sader version....Inori was caught by the crystal which just means she is in the others world with Mana and Gay which would mean she is alone and let Shu live in the human instant of taking him with her in the crystal world

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Was it ever revealed that Inori was made out of pieces of Shu? I thought she was made out of the genetics of Mana (which i guess you could argue are the same as Shu's)
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Well Inori was made out of Mana,and Mana is Shu's sister so they have quite the same DNA so it could be seen like that ...

But It's just a thought and I think I go too deep into the analyse of it..but It still could be

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I have finished the series and did the wiki work. I never thought Guilty Crown took a biblical route after episode 12.

  • Yuu represents the Snake in the Adam and Eve story where he presents the red apple "Forbidden Fruit."
  • If Shu and Inori are the true Adam and Eve, then Gai and Mana are the Devil and Lilith.
  • The Utopia of Daath is a barren wasteland of memories in crystal form. It could be Hell without the fire.
  • Damn Shu. If he is "Jesus," he and Inori should have died. He is blind and forced to live by listening Inori's voice. That is worse than death to me.

I don't know what else to add on.

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I just realized why Shu is blind because he assumed Inori's weight - everything about her - inside him. Since Inori is blind, Shu became blind after absorbing her. Though, I could be wrong, and Inori's body just breaks down into tiny crystals.

For those who are sad about Inori, just think of this way, Inori lives inside Shu.

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What i think is tha Inori was made out of Mana and remember how Inori can transform into her weapon by herself. At the end of episode 18, Inori fought in transformed form with her arms like swords and like destroyed ghq's robots or whatever those things were i forget. I think since Inori was made from Mana and mana's void is a sword Inori her self mite a void. So when Shu at the end of the series took inori's void, inori was taken inside shu (since she is a void herself). That's what i think that happened to inori's disappearance. And i think everything about shu's earpiece how he listens and meets inori is true about the garden of eden. Since, inori is inside of shu he can unite with her through her song.

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