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Here is a tiny recap with a partial analysis to start.So lets start with Gai, it seems his only purpose in this series was to screw everything up including the happy ending just to get what he wanted: to save Mana. Why would he do that? You might ask. This is because that even though the flashbacks made it pretty obvious that Mana kinda tore out his heart saying "just kidding" right after saying she loved him, Gai still wanted to make things right after Mana asked for his and Shu's help before she "died".So it ends up he succeeded and Mana was freed from her fate and before he dies he tells Shu to go save Inori (although at first misleading it makes sense because he may have not literally meant save her life but maybe something else.) Now after this we see a blind completely covered in virus Inori (TAKE NOTE TO THE HOLE IN HER SIDE SO EVEN IF SHU DID TAKE THE VIRUS OFF HER SHE STILL WOULD HAVE DIED). We can explain the blindness being due to either A:Mana literally destroyed her body or B: she became biblical "Eve" who was blind. And if you pay attention it seems like, although not for sure, Shu was blind before he was saved by Inori because it doesn’t seem like Shu would just let Inori run into him.Then ,when Shu decides he is going to destroy the virus, we also see him in a way taking in all the voids as well. This is explained by his ability he already had to "take in everything", and since the virus, Mana, and voids were all linked when Shu started taking in the virus and Mana was destroyed, the voids Mana technically created were destroyed along with her and along with the virus.Then in the white space we have seen Inori and Shu in numerous times before Inori gives Shu a red string (explanation later) and dies taking on the burden of the virus so Shu could live. Now at the end of the episode when we see Shu is blind we can assume it is because Inori gave him what little she had left ("So everything that makes me whole, I'll give to you now, I'm yours.”) or Shu in the end became biblical Adam.

Also if this all really is connected to the bible we can assume the place vialled with fog on the ground where in the intro we see Inori and Shu in and at the ending we also see Inori and Shu in, is the Garden of Eden or possibly the “place of our promises” where the souls of Shu (Adam) and Inori (Eve) can meet. Biblical or non-biblical the place they are in seems very heaven-like which makes sense because Inori is dead, but something interesting about the Intro is that it shows part of the vision Gai is having as he dies so in the intro Inori is dead hence why we never see Inori in that dress and also why we see a lot of events we don't see in the series itself possibly because it is them showing Shu and Inori interacting even after Inori has died. Also showing them connecting through the barriers of life and death, possibly the symbolism of them reaching out for each other towards the end of the begining theme.

As Shu is about to be killed by Gai we see the flower that Inori seemingly created and we see Inori’s spirit over it Shu reaches for this flower and red strings seemingly shoot from his hands. This is not one of his void powers but rather something that connected him to Inori, somehow he managed to take Inori's void and use it to kill Gai while holding Inori's spirit. Then later when Inori gives Shu the red string something clicked inside my mind. If you go back to episode 12 during the flashback Shu was having about Mana, Mana offers Shu the same string figure and had he taken that supposedly he might have accepted his role as Adam and the world would have ended, but instead he denies it. So could the string figure have been a symbol of connection between two people, this would make sense and it would also mean the red string had nothing to do with Inori's death but rather she may have used it to tie a connection between her and Shu and then took on Shu’s burden so he could live. Also in the ending of every episode we see a background in which a red string tied to Inori's hand goes along in the background and we also see in some episodes the same red string coming from Mana's hand as well as Inori's.

This could symbolize the cultural theory of the red string of fate, making even more sense of the symbolism of Inori giving the red string to Shu because it was supposed to represent Inori tieing a connection to Shu, not having anything to do with how she died. This connection is shown through a series of scenes throughout the series most prominently 3 specific scenes in the ending.

All three of these scenes involve Inori’s spirit communicating with Shu, and if you look closely at the background of the first 2 on the left it is almost identical. This possibly represents a spiritual area where souls are able to connect,showing how Shu managed to draw on Inori’s void, as shown by the scene on the far right.

Now go and watch the beginning theme for episodes 13-22 and pay attention to the snowflakes. Now do the same thing in episode 22 as a whole.

So if we look at the above scenes we can see in the scene on the left it has the fog that is seen in a lot of scenes linked to death so what this means is that it is possible this actually happened when the souls of Inori and Shu met after Inori died. Also you look closely in both of these scenes we see snowflakes which started to fall when Mana began ening the world. So,this could be the symbolism of the connection of the life and death going along with the the place we see Inori’s soul in and also the place Kiedo refers to as the gate of heaven, shown on the far right. We also see Inori walking in some of the scenes Gai shows Shu before he dies and she is wearing a red dress. So, if we add all this up we can assume that a lot of the things that happened in the beginning could have actually been Inori’s soul wandering and interacting with Shu.

Almost every song in this series has meaning and this song is no exception this song is called: Release My Soul

Oh take a look in the mirror, you look so sad

It's so cold like that winter market we used to go

I don't cry anymore but I feel so hurt


So I don't need you too close to me

You don't hear me, so you said

I don't know why thing have changed since yesterday


This could be love again

All I need is you

Come back, I'm waiting anytime the heavy rains come

Still I miss days with you

I can't look into your face

Oh Feeling blue and looking back again

Please come back to me

* ** *** Repeat

To stay with you always

You're the world to me

And dreaming on

So you can take my sword for you

Oh How do you feel so fine

You're the world to me

And dream on

You stole my heart so long ago

Oh I release my soul

So you feel my song

This song is playing as Shu is absorbing all of the virus it took me a while but I managed to notice that the last part of the song after the repeat is missing. I can assume this is for the reason that fans look up and listen to the songs themselves, although after that ending it may have been hard to even look at anything to do with the series. Basically if you look at the last part of this song from "To stay.." to "my song" it matches perfectly with the series itself. Especially at the last 4 verses where one can imagine this is Inori telling Shu to live on as she takes the burden of the virus and she also says she is releasing her soul so Shu can feel her song. So this partially explains why Shu is alive in the end and it can also help explain why he is listening to one of Inori's songs at the end ,but not completely. Now if you think about why Inori saved him it may have a deeper explanation then one might think. For example one reason I think she saved him was to prevent him from going to "hell" or being tortured for eternity so instead she saved him and let him pay for his sins with the "Guilty Crown" so he could join her in the afterlife instead of them being eternally separated by "heaven" and "hell". (this is MY theory of course there may have been a better reason for her saving that I may not be seeing here) Also the song that Shu is listening to at the end, the ending theme for episodes 1-12, can be implied to be the song that in episode 10 Inori was going to give to Shu before she left him possibly, unfortunately for us we never get to listen to it because Shu being torn apart by the "Guilty Crown" swats it from Inori's hands, but was it possible that we have been hearing it the whole time? The lyrics are here the song is called Departure[hint, hint]

I will never again receive your love

Nor will I ever be needed

And that is how I find myself all alone

What was it you told me back then?

The words that won't reach me dance in the air

And though I know better, today too I end up

Wishing for things that won't come true

Don't let me go

Just squeeze my hand tight

And tell me we'll go on together

Your hand in mine was warm

And gentle

That's how you always anger me

And make me cry in the end

But I loved the way

You looked when you apologized


Don't let me go

Hold me tight, yes, with all your strength

I want to be in your arms

We'll fall asleep as we touch our foreheads


Did you know that we'll never be able to meet ever again?

Don't let me go

Hold me tight; I love you

Won't you laugh for me just one more time?

Before your warmth vanishes

Embrace me

Not only can these lyrics be connected to episode 10, but we can also draw lines from them to the ending of Guilty Crown. For example, in one specific verse it mentions how they will never meet again implying that someone left or died so they would never meet again. In the ending however we can see it as death being the meaning of "never see eachother again". Also in Inori's last moments She is holding hands with Shu:"Don't let me go ,Just squeeze my hand tight ,And tell me we'll go on together ,Your hand in mine was warm, And gentle." So why is it important we draw these lines from the songs to the ending? Simply because not only does it make the actions of the Shu more understandable, it also shows the emotions that Inori is feeling in the end.

Now that we know the connection of the song "Departures" we can draw another connecting line to the song Kokuhaku which has a different vocalist then what we are use to and there is a specific reason for that.This song goes more into detail as to what happened after Inori died and what Shu was thinking. Here are the lyrics:

If you risked yourself for me

and died in my place

Left behind in a world like that

What should I think about all alone?

Do you remember?

The me who fell in love with you came to this thought:

“You won’t even crack a smile

So I’ll definitely make you laugh”

But that idea got crushed soundly

In the end, I was just left laughing all alone

“What a complete joker I am now, being one just for you”

Even if I joke about it to you, there’s no absolutely no response

I’ll laugh for your sake

No matter how many times I break into tears

or messed-up I get, I’ll say it

“I love you so much

that it makes me want to cry and laugh”

Spending time away, adding to my growing thoughts

You stayed close to me like that the entire time

I took you for granted, but you’re gone

So now I’ve learned how heavy that feels

If only I had grabbed your hand tight and didn’t let go on that day–

In the end, I only satisfied myself alone

“What a complete liar I am now, saying that I’m doing it for you”

But even the words I whispered won’t reach you

I’ll run to where you are

No matter how many times I stumble

or get lost

Keep waiting for me, because I’ll get to you right now

No matter what hardships exist there

It must have been our destiny

for you and me to be together forever

However, if you’re the only one who isn’t around

Then I’ll travel through time to see you

“And if you sacrificed yourself

to save me,

then I’ll protect you the next time,

so please trust me”

I’ll laugh for your sake

No matter how many times I break into tears

or messed-up I get, even if the world is to end tomorrow

I’ll grab that hand of yours

I definitely won’t let go anymore

I’ll promise you, as long as I have my life

That I’ll make you happy by all means

Because I’ll make you laugh again and again

So I’d like you to come with me


Now if we can imagine that this song is from Shu's point of view and Departure's was from Inori's we can almost imagine this being a message going back and forth between the two. This song shows that this is after Inori died because it says "' And if you sacrificed yourself to save me, then I'll protect you next time, so please trust me'" hence Inori dying for Shu.Another important note about this song is that it is also known as "Confession" making this song a confession of many things, in a way it is a love song to Inori just as Departure was a love song from Inori. Also if you look at the verse where he whispers “What a complete liar I am now, saying that I’m doing it for you” explaining why Inori says in Departure "What was it you said back then?" and Shu is confessing he was going to die with her for himself not just for her so maybe staying alive was better for him so he could realize his mistakes. He is also showing just how much he needed her and how he regretted taking having her by his side for granted and now that she is gone he feels the weight of it all. This also supports my theory about Inori saving Shu to prevent him from going to “hell”, because this song is him admitting his mistakes hence the english name of the song being “Confession.” So maybe part of the reason Shu decided to listen to Inori’s song “Departure” at the end because it was her last message from Inori to him and, now that he has given her a response he is able to enjoy the song more than any others.

Now that we have three songs explained we can connect it to another this one being called Planetes the ending theme of the OVA Lost Christmas which I would recomend watching. (An interesting note in Lost Christmas is that it contains two characters that look very closely related to Shu and Inori).

In a quiet sea, alone,

I put my ear against a seashell I found.

When I listen closely,


I can begin to hear

your message.

I write onto the sand

my feelings that I kept from you,

and let them be carried away by the sand.

Hello Hello

I'm right here.

In this place where our story began,

even if there are nothing but our promises,

I will always be alive in your memories.

Sinking into the sea of memories,

I'll transcend the eternal time.

Looking at the miniature planet Earth

in this boundless universe, I think about you.

My blue hometown, shining through the clouds' crevice,

disappears into the horizon.

Hello Hello

I'm right here.

In this place where our story began,

no matter how much time should pass,

I will always be alive in your memories.

When the planets begin to fall into ruins,

you and I, pulled by each other's attraction,

will definitely be able to meet again

in that place of our promise.

Hello Hello

I'm right here.

Following the electrons, I'm on my way to the place of our beginning.

I have nothing but our promises,

but in order to meet you, I'll continue my journey.

I flow down from the sky

towards the place where our story began.

When I reach there, I should be able to meet you again,

for I will find my way to you on that blue planet

The song itself has no obvious meaning in connection to the OVA Lost Christmas it was played in so I am implying it was just a way to showing us another message from Inori to Shu. The first few lines can be seen as Inori getting Shu's message or the song "Confession.” The song as a whole is Inori trying to reach Shu on Earth.Although it makes sense as another part of a conversation between Shu and Inori, I question if this is really related to Shu and Inori. For example, what could this Blue hometown be? Could it be Earth itself or an actual hometown? Because i'm pretty sure Inori had no hometown. Also, what are the promises they made each other, and what is the "place of our promise"?

This next song helps make sense of how he came out of the darkness after Inori died. Song name : Bios

The ruined city is still beautiful

I'm waiting a long time for your return

in my hand a forget-me-not flower.

It might be just like a bird in the cage

How could I reach to your heart?

I need you to be stronger than anyone

I release my soul so you can feel my song

Raindrops are my tears,

wind is my breath and my story,

branches and leaves are my hands,

because my body is wrapped in roots.

When comes the season of a thaw,

I'm awake and sing a song.

The forget-me-not that you gave me

is here.

Do you still remember?

Do you still remember your word that you gave to me?

Do you still remember?

Do you still remember the day when you…?

When the season of the forget-me-not comes

I will sing a song.

When the season of the forget-me-not comes, I'll call you

Do you still remember?

Do you still remember your word that you gave to me?

Do you still remember?

Do you still remember the day when you…?

It could be the whole of the problem,change your body

I need you to be stronger than anyone

I release my soul so you feel my breath

Feel my move

Raindrops are my tears,

wind is my breath and my story,

branches and leaves are my hands,

because my body is wrapped in roots.

When comes the season of a thaw,

I'm awake and sing a song.

The forget-me-not that you gave me

is here.

(EXTRA TRANSLATION: season of thaw- spring, feel my move- feel me. There are other translations for the song but this one is the one I found most commonly.)

Now if we look at the ending of the series we see how the everything kind of tunes out when Shu Listens to Inori's and how it focused in on the trees and the sound of the wind even for a moment. In the song it states the "the wind is the breath and my story. The leaves and branches are my hands." So was it a coincidence that scene happened with the wind, branches,and leaves? No, in fact when this happens Shu closes his eyes ,not imagining Inori and him embracing each other but instead this could literally be his soul embracing her's. What is also interesting about this is that in episode 21 Shu was able to hear Inori singing even though no one else could, coincidence? I think not.This shows how they have finally been able to connect to each other through Inori's songs particularly "Departure" and even though they aren't fully connected due to the fact Shu is alive and Inori is dead ,Shu is able to move on now knowing that Inori and him are forever connected and that Inori is waiting to meet him again someday in the afterlife.

So all this is telling us that there is a more in depth idea to not just the ending of the series but also to the series as a whole. It tells us practically why the characters did what they did and what the character may have felt or thought in the series and also beyond what the series tells us directly.

Ending thoughts:

I loved this series, it had its ups and downs but in the end it was beautiful. Although a lot people don't like it , I have to say that after finding meaning in the ending of this show I was able to fully embrace this series, and overall against the majority opinion I give this series a 9/10.

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I didn't see this thread. I guess the 4 day lag pushed this thread. I was in a love hate relationship with Guilty Crown. It was hard to recommend the series to fans. Your argument here involving the Biblical allusions remind me of my old teammate, ColorBrandon.

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