What's Your Favorite Guilty Crown Characters?

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Just like the question stated, you can put down as much characters as you want in a ranking or any order.

Got to support my partner Kuro and spread the love and knowledge of Guilty Crown in this awesome community we have. Go ahead and state your favorites and dazzle us with some images whether it be official art, fan art, stitched caps, or anything as long as it's appropriate.

Head over to the franchise's character page for those who are new to Anime Vice to see what characters we got added to the database.

For those who are new to Guilty Crown, Kuro got your answers:

After the spread of the "Apocalypse Virus" in Japan in the year 2029, the country has been placed in an emergency state. Since the spread of the virus, the Japanese government lost all of its foundations, and the reign of the international organization known as GHQ began ruling the country. Now Japan is in a state of martial law, which is enforced by the GHQ, and is considered a "quasi-independent" nation.

10 years pass, and we see the story through the eyes of Shu Ouma, an average 17-year-old teenager who lives a normal life. However, his normal life style is soon shattered after his chance encounter with Inori Yuzuriha, who eventually involves him with the anti-government group she is a part of, known as Funeral Parlor, or Undertaker.

Go Guilty Crown!

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@takashichea: Nice thread Taka!

Alright! Here I go with my favorite characters:

Guilty Crown Gals:

  1. Arisa Kuhouin

Arisa is my top GC gal. She is an ideal student, and a great student council president with the well-being of her schoolmates her top priority. I like her "tough" act, and how she's patient with the things she doesn't like to do that her grandfather makes her take part in. Also, I find her shy and reserved side adorable XD

2. Ayase Shinomiya

Ayase gets my second vote. I like how confident she is about her own strength, despite having a disability. Her cocky side is also quite entertaining.

3. Inori Yuzuriha

Inori gets my third vote, mainly because she doesn`t talk much. I like her innocence, and her big eyes remind me of Puss in Boots.

Guilty Crown Dudes

1. Gai Tsutsugami

Gai gets my top vote for the guys in the series. His composed leadership is admirable.

2. Arugo

No particular reason, he just has that "delinquent" and "cool" vibe.

3. Souta Tamadate

Souta lifts the mood of the anime, and I like his seiyuu, so it makes his character even more enjoyable to watch.

4. Dan Eagleman

He`s so dumb, it`s entertaining! Typical all-brawn-no-brain character.

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I forgot about this thread. Sorry Kuro.

For Guys

  • Dan Eagleman - the only man with chivalry on this show who doesn't violate ethics with me.
  • Gai - He's cool, but some of his actions I don't agree with.
  • Shu - It's conditional for him. I only like him when he kicks ass and hate him when he's indecisive and a coward.

For Gals

  • Inori - Despite she follows Gai to use Shu and a bit clueless with love, she's a better soldier than Shu. A pink haired egotist with red eyes and a soldier equals a deadly combination.
  • Hare - I like her, and she doesn't annoy me like other girls.
  • Ayase - She's cool like Inori and shows that people with disability are capable soldiers.
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What are your thoughts on Arisa after watching all the episodes up to 18? Is she still your top gal?

For my choices, Dan and Oogumo are the best male characters. They died protecting Haruka (coincidence perhaps?) from Seiga. For the female characters, my choices didn't change much.


LOL at the Puss in Boots comment for Inori! I just noticed my title is grammatically wrong, What are your favorite Guilty Crown characters.

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@takashichea: I liked your reason for liking Dan, I think he was one of the only chivalrous characters on the show.

Man Arisa surprised me a lot! She got through a heck of a transformation; from a decent person to a person who'd practically sell herself. Although I dont know how her character ends since I'm still finishing the series, I think she gets knocked down my list. I liked her better at the beginning. I should include Hare on my list as well, she was a good character.

I think I'll probably have another list posted here again with my finalized favorite character list.

lol! She really does remind me of him :P

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