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Yo whaddup Vicers! Man its been a while since I've whipped up a weekly report. I apologize for keeping you guys waiting, and I apologize to my teammates who had to deal with my frequent absences - which will probably get worse until the school term starts up again.

Anyways, its back to Guilty Crown mode! So much drama and action happens during this episode as we approach the series finale. Hope you enjoy this report, and don't forget to add your thoughts and comments!


Funeral Parlor (Undertaker) and the U.N. both close in on Ward 24 to bring a halt to Gai's actions. Shu, alongside his allies pursue their main goal to save Inori and to stop Gai, Yuu and Keido from resurrecting Mana and recreating the Lost Christmas event. During the infiltration, Shu encounters Yuu, who offers Shu the forbidden apple anf hence become Mana's mate.

Will Shu accept Yuu's offer? And will Shu manage to save Inori before she is completely possessed by Mana?



Some loose ends are starting to get tied together, although I admit there are still big question marks being drawn.

Shu has shown a lot of growth compared to the person and character he was before. He is still himself, but he has become braver and doesn't hesitate before taking an action (which was something he did a lot at the start of the series)

We finally learn more about the Yuu character and what he really is.


Gai saving Inori
Gai saving Inori

They should have had an origin story for Inori. All we got was a screencap of Gai saving her from a lab and that's all..

Yuu also deserved more screen-time and a stronger origin story.

Overall, the pacing of the anime was a little too fast, and the ideas weren't as organized as they should be for viewers to be able to follow along.

Points of Interest

  • Could Ayase be interested in Shu? I kinda got that vibe from this episode. Also, this was the first time she asked for help getting on to her Endlave
  • I found it cute that both Shu and Inori said the same thing when asked why they loved one another.
  • Another point of interest was when Inori began singing Euterpe when she slowly began to turn into Mana. If you read through the lyrics of that song, its basically about Inori talking to a wildflower. Interestingly, when Inori is covered with crystals and her tear manages to escape and it bloomed into a flower, I re-read the lyrics of the Euterpe song, and noticed that the flower in the song is most-likely a symbol representing Inori.

Euterpe - EGOIST

Original / Romaji Lyrics

English Translation

Saita no no hana yo
Aa douka oshiete okure
Hito wa naze kizutsukeatte
Arasou no deshou
Oh, field flower that has bloomed,
Ah, somehow, please tell me:
Why is it that people hurt each other
And fight?
Rin to saku hana yo
Soko kara nani ga mieru
Hito wa naze yurushiau koto
Dekinai no deshou
Oh, flower that blooms with the asphalt,
What can you see from there?
Why is it that people
Cannot forgive each other?
Ame ga sugite natsu wa
Ao wo utsushita
Hitotsu ni natte
Chiisaku yureta
Watashi no mae de
Nani mo iwazu ni
In the summer, the rain passed
And the blue reflected,
Small, it rippled
In front of me,
Without saying a thing.
Karete yuku tomo ni
Omae wa nani wo omou
Kotoba wo motanu sono ha de
Nanto ai wo tsutaeru
What do you think
When your friends wilt?
With those leaves that do not carry words,
How do you convey your love?
Natsu no hi wa kagette
Kaze ga nabiita
Futatsu kasanatte
Ikita akashi wo
Watashi wa utaou
Na mo naki mono no tame
The summer sun is clouded
And the wind fluttered.
I shall sing
The proof that life once existed
For those who do not have a name.


Thanks a bunch for checking out this report! Please share your thoughts and ideas about the series thus far! Also, I strongly recommend that you gus check out the Guilty Crown threads listed below, alongside the other community blogs listed below. Show your support by checking out your community members' work!

A special thanks goes out to Taka for his amazing work on the Guilty Crown wiki pages...heck, I think he's even done more GC work than I have! Also another special thanks goes out to ColorBrandon and Wraith for keeping the GC threads alive, and being an active member on the GC team by sharing his thoughts and ideas on the series.

Guilty Crown Threads :

Community Blogs and Reports:

That's it from me Vicers! See you later, and peace!

KuroNekoXIII (KuroNeko, Neko, Kuro.. Call me whatever floats your boat :D )

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Nice, you added the lyrics! I had something to say about this episode, but I forgot. I come back later. I think Ayase seeing Gai in Shu. I agree that Inori deserves an origin story.

Aw, I need to cover Rock Lee and his Ninja pals.

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Now, I remember what's bad with this episode. I didn't like Shu's conversation with Ayase. He tells her to stay "pure" while he has to get "dirty." Shu should have just stated he would be the one to kill Gai instead of saying this stuff that contradicts. No one is pure in this series not even Hare and Inori.


Here are Legend of Korra Ep. 1 and 2 and Rock Lee's blogs.

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@takashichea: Yea I thought by adding the lyrics, it'll make it easier for the readers to make the connection between the flower and Inori.

That's a good point, I think she does see Gai's valiantry in Shu. Now that you point that out, its true...there aren't any "pure" characters in this entire show if we really think about it.

I added the links! I think the one that you put for Legend of Korra was a link to your Sket Dance report. I fixed it though, and added all three to the community blog list.

Thanks for the comment Taka! I'll be sure to comment on your reports as soon as I catch up on the eps!

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My bad, Kuro. I tend to do that sometimes when you have a lot of links. Thanks Kuro for your comments and support.

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I've read somewhere that pure line was supposed to be translated as clean. As for Ayase's feelings for Shu, I believe she always had some sort of interest in him from some point earlier during the series.

I still can't get that hover segway out of my head, for some reason it felt out of place. Why would he charge in to battle on that!?

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@takashichea: No worries dude

@Wraith: Oh that makes sense, clean has a different connotation than pure, so it would be less contradictory.

As for the hovering Shu, it does look out of place...really out of place XD

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