Guilty Crown Characters

Guilty Crown is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Arisa Kuhouin

The student council president of Tennouzu High School.


A 17-year-old member of "Undertaker" who is an expert in knives and grappling.

Ayase Shinomiya

A 17-year-old member of "Undertaker" and the pilot for a humanoid robot known as "Endlave". She's usually in a wheelchair.

Dan Eagleman

A newly-recruited American GHQ colonel. He is a former sportsman, and he is known to have a very upbeat personality.

Daryl Yan

A 17-year-old GHQ officer, ranked as "Second Lieutenant". He is the son of the Major General and the commander of GHQ.


A tiny mechanical robot which tails Inori Yuzuriha everywhere. Although being a robot, Funnell displays a wide array of emotions.

Gai Tsutsugami

Gai Tsutsugami is the 17-year-old leader of the revolutionary group "Undertaker". He aims to use the "The King's Power" to aid his success in his resistance.


Commander of GHQ'a Antibodies Squadron 3

Hare Menjou

One of the supporting characters of Guilty Crown. She is Shu Ouma's classmate, and she is also part of the motion picture research club.

Haruka Ouma

She is a Senior Researcher at Sephirah Genomics and is Shu Ouma's stepmother.

Inori Yuzuriha

She is the 16-year-old vocalist of the a popular internet band called Egoist. She is also a member of the anti-government group known as "Undertaker".

Jun Samukawa

Yahiro Samukawa's younger brother. He is diagnosed with the Apocalypse Virus at Stage IV.

Kanon Kusama

Shu Ouma's classmate, and she is the student representative of class 2 - A.

Keido Shuuichirou

Head of the GHQ Anti Bodies, and a scientist in Sephirah Genomics.

Kenji Kido

One of Undertaker's comrades. He was held prisoner by the GHQ, and is known as a mass murderer responsible for the "Sky Tree Bombing".


She is Okina's secretary in the Guilty Crown project.

Kurosu Ouma

Kurosu Ouma is Shu's father and Keido's former best friend.


A young member of Undertaker. She really looks up to Gai Tsutsugami.

Major General Yan

Major General Yan is the commander of the GHQ in the Guilty Crown franchise.

Makoto Waltz Seiga

A major serving under GHQ. He will now be in charge of all Funeral Parlor - related matters, and is known for taking his job very seriously.

Mana Ouma

Mana Ouma is Shu's older sister, and is the first to get infected by the Apocalypse Virus.

Okina Kuhouin

Head of the Kuhouin Group, a Japanese company that is against the GHQ. He is the grandfather of Arisa Kuhouin and is Undertaker's ally.


A quiet large man. He is a member of "Undertaker" who is an expert in explosives and weaponry.


An intel officer working under GHQ's Anti Bodies. He is often seen assisting his superiors.

Saeko Shijou

She is the wife of Kurosu Ouma and the mother of Mana and Shu Ouma.


A 27-year-old officer of Funeral Parlor.

Shu Ouma

Shu Ouma is the protagonist of "Guilty Crown". He is a 17-year-old second year student who is a part of the school's modern image and video research club. After a chance encounter, Shu Ouma manages to attain the "Power of Kings" on his right arm.

Souta Tamadate

A 17-year-old member of the motion picture research club member and is Shu's classmate.


An expert hacker, serving as the operator for the Guerrilla Resistance Group "Undertaker". She is a cheeky 14-year-old and speaks her mind.

Yahiro Samukawa

An outgoing and sociable member of the motion picture research club member. He is 17 years old, and is Shu`s classmate


A mysterious blonde aquaintance of Keido, and also possesses the King's Power

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