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List of Moderators

WIKI & FORUM : you can talk to these mods about anything happening in the threads and on the wiki

WIKI MODS: See these guys for wiki

: Talk to Acer for the forums


The basic rules of AnimeVice are to be polite to one another, use common sense, and don't break  the law. It's your responsibility to make yourself familiar with this page, which may change at any time. It's also your job to read stickied threads in any and all forums you may post in. Important and recent information not contained in this FAQ may be posted in pinned topics that you need to read. If you are ever in doubt about anything, please contact a moderator for clarification or assistance.

This information is in addition to, and not a replacement for, the AnimeVice Terms and Conditions. Some of the information in this document may also be stated in the Terms and Conditions, but we urge you to make yourself familiar with the Terms and Conditions as well.


  • No porn/hentai on the forums.
  • No racism or other comments that incite hate between users.
  • No explicit discussions about sex, illegal drugs or other illegal activities.
  • No trolling or flaming.  
  • No advertisement.
  • No abusing the rating system, this system is used to help the mods pick through the bad posts.
  • Do not rate someone down just because you disagree with them, keep this feature strictly for those who post spam, or are doing anything of the prohibited activities above.
  • No linking to pirate sites
  • No linking to pornography unless it has to do with the anime at hand, linking to a pornographic website and not properly labeling it as so is means for immediate, permanent, forum ban.

Where do I put these threads?

If users wish to create a topic related to specific aspect of a game or anything else within the Wiki then we ask that they use the search function (located at the top right of the page) to find its page within the Wiki. Once you have found the page you are looking for you can scroll down to the bottom where you will find the board associated with that page and any topics already created there. We heavily stress that users help us out and put threads in the correct forums, as we currently do not have the power to move threads to wiki pages. Making topics in the Wiki specific boards helps keep General Discussion from being clogged up with lots of different topics and helps the community discuss about specific things related to that page.

General Discussion

This forum will probably confuse people the most since it sounds like it serves a similar purpose as Off-Topic; however, the two are quite different. General Discussion is meant for all threads discussing the site and threads that focus on both anime and manga. For example, if you've just watched an anime series that you want to ask the community to recommend you something similar, be it anime or manga, then you can post that thread in here.

Just Anime/Manga

If your thread focuses on only anime or manga you can post them in the Just Anime or Just Manga forums respectively instead of General Discussion. A thread asking what a user's favorite anime opening song is, for example, should go in the Just Anime forum.

Bug Reporting

Pretty self-explanatory -- whenever you run into a bug you can post it here. However, to make it easiest for the staff to fix the bug, there's certain information we expect you to provide:

  • What browser are you using? (i.e., Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 6, etc., etc.)
  • What Operating System are you using? (i.e., Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Windows Vista, etc., etc.)
  • What is the exact link to the page you are having a problem with?
  • Details, details, details. Explain it in detail.
  • Taking and posting a screenshot, if possible, is one of the best ways to get help.
And one more important rule: be sure to check if a topic regarding the bug you want to post has not been created yet -- use the search function!


Basically, everything that doesn't deal with anime or AnimeVice goes in here. Video games, sports, politics, religion, etc. If, however, a certain character or video game also happens to have a page here at AnimeVice because an anime was adapted from it or vice versa, you can discuss them in their respective forums. Just keep in mind that this is a site about anime, so only one thread per video game.


All threads related to forum role-playing go in here. This includes both threads where actual role-playing is done as well as threads discussing role-playing. For more help on how to role-play please read the rules thread. This forum is not meant for discussing role-playing video games. If you wanna discuss those please create a thread in Off-Topic.

Editing & Tools

If you need any help editing the site you can request assistance here.

My Favorites

You may have noticed there's an empty forum called "My Favorites." Because of the large amount of forums here at AnimeVice, we allow you to build a custom index. Want to stay updated on the Bleach anime, Naruto manga, and the Moe concept without having having to visit all these pages manually? Well, you can do that by visiting their respective forums and clicking the purple "Add Forum to Favs" button in the upper right corner of the forum. Now all threads posted in those forums will appear in your favorites index. To remove a forum from your favorites index just click the same purple button which will now say "Remove from Favs."

The Community Rating Tool

You may have noticed that in the upper right corner of every forum post you have the ability to rate that post either up or down. Once a post has been rated down enough times it will collapse and will only be available for viewing if a user clicks the link that opens the panel again. Many users think that it's OK to use this tool to downrate posts they don't agree with; however, that isn't the case. Once a post has been rated down enough times, it will appear in a queue of threads for a mod too look at -- so please only down rate posts that actually need a mod's attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have signatures?

There are currently no plans to implement signatures because the fine people of Whiskey Media think it clutters up the forums. However, we do have something similar. In your forum posts you'll find a link next to your username that says "See mini bio." Clicking this link will open a panel showing your "About Me" info that's also displayed on your profile page. You can put whatever you were planning to add to your signature in there.

How do I filter out blog posts and Off-Topic posts from Latest Topics?

Because Off-Topic boards tend to be some of the most popular boards on forums, we allow you to filter out all threads created here from the "Latest Topics" forums index. You can do so by clicking the rainbow icon with "Preferences" next to it in the toolbar under a forum's title. We also allow our users to post their blogs directly to the forum. If you don't like those appearing in the forum index, you can turn those off in the Preferences window as well.

How do I get a red or blue username?

If you picked "Neutral" as your alignment during registration, you may not know this, but when you pick "Evil" or "Good" your username becomes red or blue respectively. You can change your alignment by editing your profile.

Your friendly neighbourhood forum moderators

Here to help run the AnimeVice community are several fine moderators who have graciously volunteered their time and effort and are dedicated to assist you with all your needs. If you have any questions or have encountered a problem within the community, send a PM to any one of the following forum moderators and they will respond as soon as possible.

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