Guemon is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Guemon is a member of the 0th Biotope


The Gourmet Gang Leader
The Gourmet Gang Leader

Not much is known about Guemon's past, other than at some point in his life he became employed under the company Igo, and became a member of the 0th Biotope. His job was to protect the human world from beasts which came from the Gourmet World, who were trying to cross over using the 3 way road. It is not known how long he has been their as he himself no longer knows.

Meeting Sunny
Meeting Sunny

Guemon would eventually meet Sunny, the first person in quite sometime, who had been recommended to visit him by a fellow Biotope member Yosaku. At first Guemon wasn't aware of Sunny's presence, due to being spaced out. He finally realized someone was their and seemed quite startled by Sunny's appearance. Sunny couldn't believe such a man whom continuously spaced out was guarding such a dangerous place. Soon a Hercules Dragon arrived on the road, which Sunny tried to stop but failed, however Guemon was able to cut down the beast even in his state. Guemon began to analyze Sunny's abilities, calling him an ameteur and that he thought to much which angered Sunny who then attacked Guemon. He then said he battled using instinct before cutting down another beast, and gave Sunny some valuable advice.



Guemon is a tall and muscular man, whole body is covered in several notable scars. He wars dark clothing which is heavily tattered and covered in patches, which suggests he has been in many battles, not surprising considering his occupation. He has a beard and a pompadour hairstyle. He also wears a bandanna and alot of the time he appears to be spaced out.


Guemon is a very laid back and calm person, his isolation at the Three-Way road has caused him to frequently "space out" effectivly making him largely unresponsive to outside stimulus such as Sunny approching him only for him to be shocked by his arrival and ask him how long he was standing there. His isolation has also caused him some type of memory loss as he routinely forgets details about his own past and the people he has met. He didn't remember who Yosaku was when Sunny told he he was sent by Yosaku to learn from him, and he had even forgotton the reason he was guarding the Three-Way Road. Despite his tendency to space out constantly, he is effectively able to use his intution during the times he has spaced out to strike down very high level monsters crossing the Three-Way Road from the Gourmet World without even thinking about it.

Story Arcs

Shining Gourami Arc

We first meet Guemon when Sunny travels to the Three-Way Road, the only land based road into the Gourmet World, in order to meet him on the request of the Saiseiya Yosaku. He sent Sunny there to learn his fighting style in the hopes it would improve his overall strength and skill. When Sunny arrived at Guemons location, he was completely unresponsive leading Sunny to question if he was even awake and aware he was standing there. Guemon suddenly became responsive again and was shocked by Sunnys unexpected arrival, asking him how long he had been standing there. They talk briefly about his arrival and Sunny finds out that Guemon has forgotten quite a lot about his life due to his isolation on the Three-Way Road.

At this point a Hercules Dragon appears from the Gourmet World which startles Sunny only for him to realise that Guemon is completely spaced out again, as he panics he decides to act and try to stop it himself, but his efforts are completely ineffective. At this point Guemon cuts straight through the beast with utter ease, still with a blank expression on his face. Sunny is amazed by this level of skill from someone who does not look ready to fight, and challenges him to battle. Sunny however is completely outmatched as Guemon completely evades and dodges all his attacks, much to Sunnys annoyance as he does so with the blank expression on his face. During the battle Guemon assessed Sunnys power praising his skill but telling him that the level of concentration he has to keep up just to use his Touch is what is holding him back, and that while he is concentrating on controlling his Touch his speed is lagging behind which leaves him exposed and unprepared. As Sunny continues his attack Guemon keeps evading and then finally ends the fight himself. He explains that he was able to dodge them all based on his "intuition", stating that the "Pros don't think, they feel". He went on to tell Sunny that its all about knowing when and where to strike, not thinking about it just doing it, he said he does not think about anything else because its useless for him to do so.

At this point they are attacked by Flying Shark, which he notes he has never seen before, and yet despite this he still takes them down with strikes to their vital points all thanks to his intuition, much to the surprise of Sunny. He tells him that one does not get this skill through training, you simply require experience. Guemon then allows Sunny to fight alongside him on the road in order for him to gain this experience and develop his own intuition.

Bubble Fruit Arc

Guemon is seen in the Gourmet World at the IGO's 0th Biotope Headquarters, along with many members of the 0th Biotope. Upon his arrival he comments on how long it has been since he left the Three-Way Road. During the meeting with the other 0th Biotope members, he comments on how long its been since they all gathered here together, only for Gourmet National Treasure Malisman to tell him that Master Chin is not present, wondering how bad his memory really is if he could not notice. At the meeting, all the members are told By Ichiryuu that the Gourmet Corps have learned the location of Acacia's Hors D'oeuvre, CENTER, Shocking all of the members and making them curious as to how they found out.

After discussing the Gourmet Solar Eclipse and the resurgence of GOD, Ichiryuu tells them all to ready themselves for the war that is about to occur and that they will all be needed here in the Gourmet World, so they should had down all their work in the Human World to their successors. Ichiryuu then commands them to move out and they all begin their final preparations.

Cooking Festival

Guemon and fellow 0th Biotope member Malee went to Sector B, the "Birth Cry Tree", in order to acquire Acacia's Soup Dish "PAIR". Before they could get their mission underway however, Executive Chef of the Gourmet Corps Dores arrived, backed by a full squad of powerful Nitro and Gourmet Corps members, stating that he was disappointed by the lack of power and personnel the 0th Biotope had sent.

Guemon as usual was unable to remember who this man was, and turned to ask Malee, who replied. Guemon then mocked them in return stating that he is disappointed by the shortage of decent opponents for him to fight.

Guemon is later seen defeated by what was seemingly a Nitro, not long after Ichiryuu fell in his battle with Midora.

Powers & Abilities

Guemon is a member of the powerful IGO's 0th Biotope, which means he is perfectly capable of entering into the Gourmet World under his own power. Despite his relatively unimposing stance and appearance his skill is extremely high given his ability to protect the Three-Ways Road on his own and stop any and all Gourmet World beasts that would seek entrance into the Human World.

He is also a highly skilled and proficient swordsman, as he is capable of slicing through very high level beasts in a single cut with extreme speed and accuracy.


His most impressive ability is what he calls intuition. His innate ability to be able to read and predict an opponent’s moves with virtually no effort or thinking on his part. Very similar to muscle memory and subconscious thinking, his display of it was at a high enough level at he avoided every single one of Sunnys attacks without any trouble, and he was capable of taking down high level Gourmet World monsters with simple actions that required no serious through or planning prior.

It’s even accurate enough to enable to him to strike the vital points of beasts he has never once encountered before, giving the impression that he was dodging and killing them without any effort on his part whatsoever. He notes that this skill does not come from any sort of training but is due to his overall battle experience.

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Name: Guemon
Name: 愚衛門 (グえもん)
Romanji: Guemon
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
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1st anime movie:
Aliases Gourmet Banchou
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