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GTO is a sequel to Shonan Junai Gumi. Eikichi Onizuka a former Oni-Baku gang member wants to become the greatest teacher of all time.


Twenty-two-year-old former biker Eikichi Onizuka decides to go straight and become a schoolteacher, though his old life often comes back to haunt him. He uses his criminal smarts to pass the entrance exams but ends up at a school for no-hopers where teenage pregnancies, drugs, and crime are rife. Despite his hard exterior, he genuinely cares about his students, and he uses his streetwise past to put them on the right track.

With a teacher who is little older than his charges, GTO traces a line through Slow Step to Soseki Natsu-me's Botchan, though its true success lies in the conservative media's need to sanitize subculture thuggery-and what better way than by showing that even gangsters and bikers can rejoin the system? GTO has a convoluted pedigree that also stretches back to the meteoric success of the Bomber Bikers of Shonan, which inspired manga author Toru Fujisawa to create his own version, the Shonan Pure Love Gang, in 1990. Featuring the school and street-gang activities of Onizuka and Danma, it was adapted into a four-part anime series in 1996 by Katsumi Minoguchi. A second prequel, the same year's Bad Company, detailed the first meeting of Onizuka and Danma.  
Inevitably, the series was also lampooned in an erotic pastiche, GTR (G-cup Teacher Rei), a four-DVD set about a schoolteacher with unfeasibly large breasts and her adventures with her similarly well-endowed colleagues and pupils. The following year, began GTO as a sequel in Shonen Magazine, with Onizuka announcing his intention of becoming a teacher so he can chase girls. The series also spun off into a live-action TV version and theatrical outings, starring heartthrob Takashi Sorimachi as Onizuka. It is this live version that is the quintessential GTO, with its handsome loner fighting injustices on his motorcycle like an educational lawman, but the anime incarnation still has considerable bite, mainly because its cartoon origins allowed for slightly more violence and menace than its prime-time live-action counterpart. It also features unobtrusive use of computer graphics that add realistic cloud and water effects to lead the viewer's eye away from the cheap TV animation, and a moody monochrome opening sequence that sums up the series' sardonic attitude, playing the sound of a revving motorcycle while showing the handle of a toilet.  
During the GTO Manga Onizuka had disappeared for 14 days when he was sent to the hospital for the second time. This spawned the new Manga GTO: Shonan 14 days. This will explain on his whereabouts and what he got up to during a hospital visit, late on in the manga. Currently being released as of 2009. 


Theme Music


1. Driver's High by L'arc-en-Ciel (Episodes 1-16)
2. Hitori No Yoru by Porno Graffiti (Episodes 17-43)
1. Last Piece by Kirari (Episodes 1-16)
2. Shizuku by Miwaku Okuda (Episodes 17-33)
3. Cherished Memories by Hong Kong Knife (Episodes 34-43)


OST  1

1. School's in Session
2. Theme from Gto
3. Bike Investigation
4. Onizuka Impossible
5. Six Mat Happiness
6. German Suplex of Anger
7. Onizuka's Blues
8. Attitude to the Teacher
9. Fire That Guy!
10. Kattobi Rock'n Roll
11. Cresta of Love
12. Son of a Bitch!!
13. Ipen Up Your Ass!!
14. One Day Record
15. Teacher Banzai!!
16. Becoming the National Kid
17. Teacher Forever
18. Living With Only Luck!?
19. Eggplants and Cucumbers
20. Theme from Gto [Great Brass Version] 
1. School’s in Session
2. Drivers High
3. Last Piece
4. Hitori no Yoru Porno Grafitti
5. Okujou de Ippuku
6. Cosplay Mania
7. Momoiro Bousou
8. Psyche de Psycho
9. Musashino Sekkei
10. Sensei Tasukete
11. Concrete Jungle Mission Onizuka
12. Furueru Kokoro
13. Onizuka Bouhatsu e no Prologue
14. Chippokena Yuuki
15. Bukiyou Na Koi no Melody
16. Happy End Dondengaeshi
17. Shizuku Miwako Okuda
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Koichi Usami
Tohru Fujisawa
Noriyuki Abe
Masashi Sogo
Yusuke Honma

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General Information Edit
Name GTO
Name: グレート・ティーチャー・オニズカ
Romaji: Gurēto Tīchā Onizuka
Publisher Animax
Start Year 1999
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Aliases Great Teacher Onizuka
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