Grinpatch is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Grinpatch is a Sous Chief of the criminal organization Bishokukai and is one of the main antagonist of the Toriko series.


Grinpatch is one of the Sous Chefs of the antagonistic group known as the Gourmet Corps. Not much is known about Grinpatch's origins.


Grinpatch is a character created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro. Not much is known about any inspiration for Grinpatch's character.



Grinpatch is shown to have a somewhat lazy demeanor through his unwillingness to fight seemingly difficult fights and his occasional shortening of location names such as calling Regal Mammoth and Devil’s Athletics the “Regal Something or Other” and the “Athletics Looking Place.” He is also very gluttonous and takes great excitement in sucking “food” up such as the B.B. Corn and Coco’s poison. This gluttony is shown to extend to cannibalism through his actions such as threatening to devour Toriko during their fight and trying to swallow Coco in the anime.


Grinpatch is a tall, muscular man with long black hair braided into a ponytail. One of Grinpatch’s notable traits is his two pairs of arms at his initial appearance. At his second appearance, he is shown to gain another pair of arms. These arms may be transplanted due to each pair having a different skin tone.

His eyes have a large black iris along with three white pupils next to each other which makes his eyes seem black. However, his eyes become white when he is surprised by something. He also has black, pointed teeth in his mouth. There is also a large scar on the left side of his chest of unknown origin where his heart is thought to be.

Grinpatch bears tattoos along his first pair of arms and face that bears a resemblance to the markings of the Devil mosquito.

His normal attire appears to be a pair of black pants, black shoes, a sheath around his waist to hold his giant Devil Mosquito Straw and a green bandana with floral designs (stripes in the anime).

Story Arcs

B.B. Corn Arc

Grinpatch arrives at 1st Biotope to retrieve the broken GT Robos after the events of the Regal Mammoth arc. He quickly loses interest when Chief Mansam and IGO Vice President Shigematsu come to stop him. He then goes on to explore 1st Biotope and devours the animals he comes across. He then goes to Wul Jungle to bring back some BB Corn as compensation for not completing his mission. Grinpatch appeares before Heavenly King Toriko and his pet Battle Wolf Terry at Wul Volcano and sucks up all the BB corn that was just popped. He then tries to eat Terry as well but Toriko quickly stops him by attempting to cut his Devil Mosquito Straw. Grinpatch then begins to tell Toriko about the main goal of the Gourmet Corps, to obtain the ingredient GOD. He then decides to try eliminating Toriko before he challenges the Gourmet Corps for GOD. Grinpatch tries to take advantage of Toriko’s lack of range techniques but is shocked by Toriko’s newly developed range techniques. Toriko then takes advantage of Grinpatch’s overconfidence and cut his Devil Mosquito Straw by getting behind him. Grinpatch then receives a call from the Head Chef to return and leaves the battlefield with his pet Jack Elephant who had just arrived with some of the BB Corn.

Cooking Festival Arc

The Gourmet Corps arrive at the Cooking Festival, a cooking tournament held once every four years, to kidnap the greatest chefs of the world. Grinpatch quickly engages in combat with the Heavenly King Coco after swallowing some of his poison and wanting more. After realizing that his attacks had no effect on Grinpatch, Coco throws himself and Grinpatch into the hole created from their battle to finish their fight. Even though most of the fight was not shown, it is explained by Coco that all of his attacks were ineffective and he was brought to the brink of death. However, Coco’s Gourmet Cells manifests themselves outside his body and doused Grinpatch in poison. Grinpatch then loses control and goes on a rampage attacking his surroundings. He then returns above ground and is eventually paralyzed with the rest of the world by Knocking Master Jirou’s Grand Knocking. After their boss Midora’s Meteor Spice attacking begins to devastate Human World, the surviving Gourmet Corps members leave to return to their Headquarters only to find it badly damage. Grinpatch then begins to go into a trans-like state, becoming unresponsive to Starjun’s and Alfaro’s words.

Powers and Abilities


Devil Mosquito Straw

A straw made from the proboscis of a giant breed of mosquito called the Devil Mosquito. Grinpatch uses it as a blowpipe to channel his powerful lung capacity or to suck up food. It is also very resilient to attacks as it was not cut by Toriko’s first Knife attack or Coco’s Poison Sword in the anime.


Filtration System

Every part of Grinpatch’s body acts as a filtration system to detoxify every type of poison. This filtration system was even able to overcome Heavenly King Coco’s Poison Virus technique which was made to counter opponents with strong immune systems.


Grinpatch mainly uses his incredible lung capacity to fire air through his Devil Mosquito Straw from a distance to defeat prey. Grinpatch also gained the ability to somehow float in the air during Cooking Festival.

Breath Gun

Grinpatch shoots a low powered air bullet through his straw to tear through flesh.

Breath Missile

Grinpatch uses his lung capacity to fire a large pillar of air at his opponents. The techniques is powerful enough to destroy some of Wul Volcano and create a hole that Coco couldn’t see the bottom of with his super sight.

Other Media

Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2(PSP)

Toriko: Gourmet Monsters(Nintendo 3DS)

Toriko: Gourmet ga Battle(Nintendo 3DS)

Toriko: Ultimate Survival(Nintendo 3DS)

General Information Edit
Name: Grinpatch
Name: グリンパーチ
Romanji: Gurinpāchi
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Toriko #7
1st anime episode: Toriko #19
1st anime movie: Gekijō-ban Toriko Bishokushin no Special Menu
Aliases Grin
Recent Movies
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