Griffon the Brush-Off

Griffon the Brush-Off is an anime episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that was released on 11/12/2010
Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash pal around playing pranks on the other ponies, but when Dash's old friend Gilda the Griffon shows up, Pinkie Pie suddenly becomes a third wheel.
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Griffon the Brush-Off
Air Dates
November 12, 2010
April 29, 2013
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Mirai Start
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Kataomoi no Karaage
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Though she is among good friends, dealing with the excitable Pinkie Pie can sometimes be a burden. For Rainbow Dash, the girl is a nuisance so she tries to avoid her whenever she can. One day, Pinkie Pie asks Rainbow Dash for a favor, though she had to chase her all across town just to ask her. Reluctantly, Rainbow helps her out by moving a small storm cloud into position in front of the town post office, where Spike collecting scrolls. When he comes out, Pinkie has Rainbow kick the storm cloud, letting off a burst of lighting which startles Spike into giving him the hiccups. Spike is sporting about the prank, even though his hiccups causes him to involuntary send his scrolls to an unsuspecting Princess Celestia.

Rainbow Dash is surprised to learn that Pinkie Pie is a prankster. She sees them as good fun and, if anything, Pinkie loves to have fun. Rainbow's opinion of her changes, and she offers to hang out with her and pull some more pranks. The girls begin pranking the rest of the gang who are all mildly annoyed, though ultimately amused.Though Pinkie Pie outright prohibits Rainbow from pranking Fluttershy, who is so sensitive that even the most lighthearted pranks could hurt her feelings. At the end of the day, the girls have managed to bond and Rainbow now has better opinion of her random, but always fun, friend.

The following morning, Pinkie Pie trots over to Rainbow Dash's house, only to be greeted by a woman she's never seen before: a griffin named Gilda. Gilda was one of Rainbow Dash's friends from Junior Speedster Flight Camp, and had arrived that morning for a visit. Visibly, Gilda is turned off by Pinkie's random behavior but, in front of Rainbow, plays nice. Pinkie offers to hang out with the both of them, hoping to pull off more pranks, but Rainbow promised Gilda that they would hang out, though offers to hang out with Pinkie later. Pinkie catches up with them (saying "it's later") and tries her best to be with Rainbow. Gilda, though, wants Pinkie to stay away; she outright tells her that since she's around, Rainbow is now far too cool to hang with her newly respected pony friend.

Pinkie Pie tries to tell Twilight Sparkle all about how mean Gilda is, but Twilight believes that Pinkie is jumping to conclusions and that she's being jealous. Pinkie Pie stomps out of her library, though wonders if Twilight was actually right. But while in town she spots Gilda, now separated from Rainbow Dash, pulling pranks on Applejack's grandmother, Granny Smith, and even catches her stealing from vendors. But Pinkie's initial opinions are confirmed when she watches Gilda bully Fluttershy to tears. Pinkie Pie, angered by Gilda's behavior, decides that she should take care of the griffin herself; in her own way.

Pinkie Pie decides to throw one of her signature parties for Gilda, inviting her friends and the pony folk. Once Gilda arrives, Pinkie immediately pulls a fast one on her with an electric hoof buzzer. Still keeping positive appearances in front of Rainbow Dash, she goes along with it, but warns Pinkie Pie that she's on to her "game". Throughout the party, Gilda is put on the receiving end classic childish pranks and gags; always suspecting Pinkie Pie as the prankster. When the girls start a harmless game of "Pin the Tail On the Pony" (Pony Gag #10490), Gilda suspects that it's another prank and goes the opposite way of the poster. She slips on a pile of icing and slides out the door; coming back in with the tail on her face, to the amusement of the guests.

But now Gilda has had enough. She loses her cool in front of Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and the rest of the partygoers. She calls all the ponies "lame" and singles out Pinkie Pie as the lamest of them all. She lets them all know that they will never be as cool as her and Rainbow Dash, and sets off to leave with her. Disgusted by her bullying, Rainbow Dash refuses and tells her that it was she who had set up all the pranks at the party; it was just bad luck that Gilda had set them all off. Pinkie Pie, accused of trying to make a fool of her, claims that her only intention was to throw a party to improve Gilda's bad attitude. Right then and there, Rainbow Dash breaks off her friendship with Gilda, disgusted that her old friend would treat her new ones with such disrespect. Gilda is left speechless at her decision, but ultimately lets her know that whenever she decides to "stop hanging out with lame-os", she'll be waiting.

Once Gilda leaves, Rainbow Dash apologizes to the other guests for bringing Gilda to town as well as to Pinkie Pie for having her ruin the party. Pinkie accepts, and offers a handshake: the both of them getting shocked from each others hoof buzzers. Twilight also apologizes to Pinkie for misjudging her and not believing her about Gilda. With that, everybody gets back to partying. Twilight writes to Princess Celestia about how friends--even though it's impossible to control the who they can hang out with--should always continue to be a good friend and that any true colors about other people would eventually come to light in the end. She also sends a bottle of invisible ink to prank the princess with, who also finds it amusing.

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James Wootton Director James "Wootie" Wootton is a television director know for his work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Ed, Edd n Eddy.
Jayson Thiessen Director Jayson Thiessen is a Canadian director, artist and toy maker.
Cindy Morrow Writer Cindy Morrow is a writer known for her work on The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Ridd Sorensen Art Director Ridd Sorensen is an art director in the animation industry.
Rob Renzetti Writer Rob Renzetti is an animator and director known for his work on My Life as a Teenage Robot and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Daniel Ingram Music Daniel Ingram is a composer known for his work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Martha Speaks.
William Anderson Music William Anderson is a composer and musician known for his television work.
Sarah Wall Producer Sarah Wall is a producer known for her work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Martha Speaks.
Lauren Faust Executive Producer Lauren Faust is an American animator, producer, writer, and director.
Chris Bartleman Executive Producer Chris Bartleman is a producer, director, production designer and co-founder of Studio B Productions.
Kirsten Newlands Executive Producer Kirsten Newlands is a producer known for her work on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Stephen Davis Executive Producer Stephen Davis is a producer known for his television work.
Blair Peters Executive Producer Blair Peters is a producer and co-founder of Studio B Productions.


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