Griffon Kato

Griffon Kato is a anime/manga character in the Rave Master franchise
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He is a fictional character from Rave Master series. Griffon is a companion of the Rave warriors and acts as a perverted comic relief character.


Griffon Kato is a traveler who mans a carriage. He rejoins Plue (knows him before Haru) after meeting Haru and Elie. He is hired by them to lead them to the village that has a never ending rain. Soon after, he becomes a permanent companion to Haru's group.


Griffon notes vol. 4
Griffon notes vol. 4

According to Hiro Mashima, Griffon Kato is a sketch that eventually became outrageous that even Hiro Mashima does not what animal he is. Griffon appears in both the manga and anime quite early, for the anime he appears first in Rave Master: Episode # 9 and in the manga Rave Master: # 3. He is voiced by Katsuya Shiga in the Japanese version and Tom Kenny in the English version. For Griffon's "horse," Hiro Mashima calls it Tanchimo which does not have any significant meaning.


"Elie has a nice body, I mean mind."
Griffon Kato - During the Shuda Arc before heading inside the mines

Griffon Kato has one slight change even though he is a pervert to Elie. Despite his creepy obssession with Elie's body, he has the bravery to use his body as a shield to protect Elie from an enemy's attack during Symphonia Arc. Even though he does not die, his body splits into two which create two different Griffon Katos.

Major Story Arcs

Rolling Thunder Arc

Griffon explains the Song Continent map
Griffon explains the Song Continent map

Before heading to Ska village, Griffon makes his appearance when Elie introduces him and the transportation to Haru. On the way, Griffon talks and calls Plue, "sama." Upon taking a break, Griffon explains the map to Haru. He states that they have to go Ska Village and then head to a city called "Experiment."

Griffon Kato reveals his perverted side when he peeks into Elie's bath. When Plue shrivels; Elie and Haru fight each other to cure Plue, Griffon tells Elie to seek some berries to help Plue. After Haru rescues Elie from a monster, they find Plue is okay. Eventually, Elie learns that hot water makes Plue shrivel. Griffon peeks at her again with binoculars.

Ska Village (of Rolling Thunder Arc)

Griffon Kato does not make much of an appearance. He is not present during Elie and Haru's fight with Rosa and Go.

Shuda Arc

Upon arriving to the lands of Falling Star (Dub: Tremolo Mountains), Griffon tells his group that Demon Card already excavating the mines. When Plue gets lost, Griffon goes with Elie to look for Plue. After Elie knocks out some Demon Card soldiers, she changes into Demon Card uniform. He takes a picture of Elie's bust.

In the caves, he and Plue are stuffed inside of Elie's backpack. When Elie and Haru on a run from the Demon Card soldiers, Haru use him as a parachute. Then Griffon becomes a boat for them. Later, Griffon and the others sleep. Griffon sleeps by floating up for unknown reasons. After a doctor wakes them up, Haru asks the doctor what Griffon is. (See Dr. Schneider's page) Griffon compares boulders to Elie's bust. Once the gang chases Plue, the gang gets tired and rest. Suddenly, the doctor turns out to be an assassin, and Musica appears to save Haru.

After Haru obtains the Rave of Knowledge and Shuda raises the ship into the sky, Griffon finds himself with Elie and Musica who face off with Lugas and Busha. Although Busha wants to play tag and Griffon reluctantly joins in, he declines after Elie gives her disapproval. Busha uses gluepia on Elie and Griffon which has him stuck to her arm. Griffon does not fight in this battle; Elie and Musica defeat them. On their way to the jet, Griffon appears to be a glutton when he sees a lot of hamburgers. He tries to put all of them on the jet, but Musica makes him throw them away since the jet cannot move due to heavy luggage. Griffon cries for wasted food.

Mystery of Elie Arc

As the gang enjoy the beach, Griffon flees in terror when Elie tries to use him as the ball for Plue. Eventually, Griffon and the gang head to the Symphonia Museum to look for the locations of the Rave. Griffon has limited roles since he runs with Musica and Plue to look for Elie.

Journey to Lyrics Continent

Everyone except Musica hit the casinos in Blue City. Griffon takes pictures of various women's bust and butt.

On the train, Griffon recalls his memories of meeting everyone, their struggle to win the battles, and Elie's bust. Suddenly, the Big Butt Bandits appear and tie up Griffon. After a long day, Griffon learns that his group has also encountered the bandits.

Tower of Din Arc

Anime and Manga Differences


For some unknown reason, Griffon's pictures of Elie's bust (during Shuda Arc) are deleted in the dub. In Rolling Thunder arc, Griffon's peeking of Elie's bust is also deleted (ep. 9). Any pictures of women's bust and butt are deleted in the English version.

In episode 49, his flashbacks of peeking at Elie are deleted in the English version.

For dialogue, his speech about meeting new people and Elie's breasts are changed. Compared to the dub, the flashback scenes are deleted, and Griffon just compares Elie to the beach and calls her beautiful. (Episode 26).

Voiced by
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Katsuya Shiga
Tom Kenny
General Information Edit
Name: Griffon Kato
Name: グリフォン加藤
Romanji: gurifon kato
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Rave Master #3
1st anime episode: Rave Master #9
1st anime movie:
Aliases Griffon
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