Grey Heron Raphsody

Grey Heron Raphsody is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 04/24/2011

Plot Summary

It is the start of a new semester. Ohana prepares for school along with Nako and Minko. On the way to school they pass by a larger, rival hot spring inn called the Fukuya Inn. There also seems to be an ominous Grey Heron that lives near the Inn.

When Ohana mentions to her classmates that she is from Tokyo, she quickly becomes one of the most popular girls in the class. It also turns out that Minko is very popular with the guys. Ohana is pulled aside by Yuina, who also happens to be the daughter of the owner of the Fukuya Inn. Yuina doesn't seem to really care about working at the inn, and says as long as she is having fun, she is happy.

Ohana and Nako have lunch together, and talk about how Nako and Minko became friends. Incidentally, they then overhear a boy in their class confessing to Minko. Minko promptly rejects the boy. When asked what type of guy she likes she replies, someone who is decisive, serious about getting things done, but also kind. Ohana notes how precise Minko's description of her perfect guy is.

Ohana has trouble replying to Kouichi's previous text message. She is also asked a few times by others, whether she has a boyfriend. To which Ohana replies, "Well... Ko-chan isn't really." This leaves others and even herself not knowing what to think.

As Ohana is setting up a few small fish dishes on tables, Tooru quickly buts in and tells her she's doing it all wrong. Minko then steps in and tells Ohana to go do other things as she takes care of setting the dishes. Ohana thinks that Minko is saving her from having to deal with Tooru. She later runs into Minko in the bath later and decides the first step is to make conversation. What better thing to talk about than a "common enemy"? (namely Tooru)

After Ohana berates Tooru, it becomes evident from Minko's response that Minko likes Tooru. This even fits Minko's earlier description of her perfect guy. Minko, very embarrassed with herself, proceeds to run away from Ohana. The next morning Ohana catches Minko on the way to school. However, before they reach the Fukuya Inn, they witness Tooru pull up to the Fukuya Inn on his motorcycle, blasting music saying "Let's party." Yuina then comes out of the Inn and hops onto Tooru's bike, and they drive off. Minko is devestated, and runs back toward the Inn. Ohana is sympathetic toward her, but that pesky Grey Heron gets in her way as she tries to go after Minko and comfort her.

Characters & Voice Actors

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