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Grenadier is an anime series in the Grenadier franchise
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Devil Nagou

The leader of a bandit gang. He is the first enemy in the series Rushuna defeats.

Fuuka Shirato

One of Yajiro's former comrades, who was believed to be dead. Jester saved her from her fall and caused an Enlightened Evil gun to assimilate with her, thus making her and the weapon one and the same. She was then ordered to kill Rushuna.

Kaizan Doshi


The lord of a castle that was taken over by Devil Nagou and his gang. He was saved after Rushuna defeated Nagou.


Mikan Kurenai

An orphaned girl that is traveling with Rushuna and Yajiro on their journey to the capital. She is a balloon maker and has many helpful balloons at her disposal.

Rushuna Tendo

Rushuna Tendo is an busty senshi who is an skilled revolver markswoman.

Setsuna Oomido

Setsuna Oomido is one of Tenshi's body doubles. She imprisons Tenshi and impersonates her in order to take control of the capital and the Juttensen.


The Empress of Tento. Tenshi taught Rushuna the ultimate battle strategy: to eliminate the opponent's willingness to fight without fighting.

Teppa Aizen

Touka Kurenai

Touka Kurenai is one of the Ten Heavenly Enlightened. Now she is a madam of a brothel called the Peach Blossom Tower.

Yajiro Kojima

Yajiro Kojima is a swordsman who fought to attempt to bring the world unity.

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