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Rushuna is a senshi traveling the world in hopes to bring peace to others. Along the way she met Yajiro a mercenary who decided to join her on her quest.


Grenadier - The Smiling Senshi
Grenadier - The Smiling Senshi

Grenadier is a anime based on series written and illustrated by Sosuke Kaisa. The anime was produced by Studio Live in 2004 and aired 12 episodes on WOWOW from October 14, 2004 til January 13, 2005.


In a world ravaged by war, senshi (warriors) are the only defense against evil-although we are tempted to point out that they are the source of it as well. Large-breasted blonde gunslinger Rushuna Tendo is so effective with her chosen weapon, the six-gun, that she has been given the even grander title of Grenadier. But Rushuna doesn't want to fight-she'd much rather smile at people and make friends. Only when they remain resolutely armed and grouchy does she use her sharpshooting skills. With her sidekicks, including sword-wielding samurai Yajiro Kojima and "cute" girl Mikan Kurenai, she sets out for the capital Tento on the far side of the ocean, seeking her childhood home.

Rushuna is a complete airhead, but she's a nice girl with goodwill to spare for everyone. Her ditziness produces plenty of comical moments and her bathing scenes provide ample voyeuristic value for those viewers who care. Meanwhile, she embarks upon a half-hearted quest to defeat her enemies the "ten sages" in an opponent-of-the-week quest like that of Fist of the North Star, although even she seems to lose interest halfway. The climax of the final gunfight owes an extremely obvious debt to the end of the American movie Equilibrium, which was released in Japan under the name Rebellion earlier the same year. A manga by Sosuke Kaise preceded the show in Shonen Ace monthly.




Rushuna Tendo

Main page: Rushuna Tendo

Rushuna Tendo is a skilled revolver senshi who was trained by Tenshi for using the revolver to disarm any foe rather then killing them.
Rushuna Tendo character design
Rushuna Tendo character design

Yajiro Kojima

Main page: Yajiro Kojima

Yajiro Kojima is a swordsman who fought in attempt to begin the world united.
Yajiro Kojima character design
Yajiro Kojima character design

Mikan Kurenai

Main page: Mikan Kurenai

Mikan Kurenai is an orphaned girl who comes from a family of balloon makers, she can able to construct anything type of balloons to any shapes and sizes.
Mikan Kurenai character design
Mikan Kurenai character design
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Sousuke Kaise

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General Information Edit
Name Grenadier
Name: グレネーダー ~ほほえみの閃士~
Romaji: Hohoemi no Senshi
Publisher Studio Live
Start Year 2004
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Aliases Grenadier - The Smiling Senshi
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