Great Naruto Bridge Characters

Great Naruto Bridge is a anime/manga location
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Gato was a criminal who rose high, eventually killed by Zabuza a original employee of his who, killed him on the bridge he had done a tremendous job trying to stop from ever connecting with another land.


The son of Tsunami and the grandson of Tazuna

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki is a hyper-active ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village and a member of Team 7. Shortly after his birth, the Nine-Tailed Fox was sealed inside of him, but this was kept a secret from him for years. Still, he dreams to become the greatest ninja, the Hokage.


Pakkun is a member of Kakashi Hatake's Ninja Hounds. Despite his small stature he has proven himself to be incredibly useful and is the most seen member of his group. Pakkun has a keen sense of smell and the ability to track targets over long distances.


The bridge builder who team Kakashi protected in the land of waves.

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