Grayland is in the House

Grayland is in the House is an anime episode of The Severing Crime Edge that was released on 06/26/2013
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Plot Summary

Grayland is in the House
Romaji―Gureirando ・izu in da Hausu―
Translation―Grayland is in the House―
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As Iwai carries Emily, Emily informs her that Iwai's father had care deeply for Iwai. Before Emily can get her answers regarding Iwai's father's notes on Emily, Kiri appears. Kiri crawls towards Iwai and Emily. Iwai protects Emily. Kiri lunges at Iwai and begins groping Iwai's hip. He cuts Iwai's hair and bit of her neck. Then, Kiri regains his senses before he falls unconscious on the ground. As Iwai recalls the fond memories with Kiri, her hair slowly grows longer. Later, the fire fighters arrive to scene. Afterwards, Iwai and Emily gaze upon the albums and Iwai's father's diary. During their bathtime, Emily asks Iwai if she had kissed Kiri or that they had sex. When Emily shares how she killed people such as Seigi, Iwai hits Emily for boasting about it.

At the hospital, Kiri wakes up in great pain and reads Iwai's message. Witchy explains how they make Order Mades by using drugs to turn them into mass murderers. They let them retain a piece of their personal self. The Gossip organization leave the murderers be themselves and breed. They pick out the children - who have a chance of becoming authors. When Kiri tells Witchy that he would kill her using his own ability, Witchy sneaks a kiss from Kiri.

Points of Interest

After the Credits

  • There are clips of scenes that suggest season 2: Kiri grabbing Violet Witchy, Sumeragi grabbing Houko's breasts, Iwai getting shot, and Yamane dripping drug in Houko's mouth.


Iwai and Emily's bath scene is censor by beams of light since the characters are minors.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tatsuhiko Hikagi Original Concept He is the mangaka on Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge series.
Yuji Yamaguchi Director


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