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Grand Line is a anime/manga location
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Black Kabuto

The Black Kabuto is the third model of slingshot of Usopp from the Straw Hat Pirates.

Brachio Tank Unit V

The Brachio Tank Unit V is a tank built by Franky for the Thousand Sunny, and the body and head of the General Franky.


The weapon of choice for Nami. Using these three segments of a bo staff. Nami can create and control the weather.

Devil Fruit

Devil Fruit are a mystical fruit that can give the user, when eaten strange, but Interesting abilities. They are rare to find throughout the Grand Line, in One Piece.

Eternal Pose

An Eternal Pose is a special kind of Lop Pose compass that allows for specific travel through the Grand Line. It only hold the magnetic signature of a single island.

Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is a ship of maritime legend.

Gates of Justice

There are three Gates of Justice. They are astonishingly large gates that open the only paths that allow swift travel between Marineford, Enies Lobby, and Impel Down.

General Franky

The Iron Pirate known as the General Franky is a mech created by combining the Black Rhino FR-U IV and Brachio Tank Unit V. It was created by Franky.

Going Merry

The first ship of the Straw Hat pirates. She sailed the greater first-half of the Grand Line. Gone, but reborn as part of the Thousand Sunny

Log Pose

The Log Pose is special compass that's needed for all pirates to travel the Grand Line. It's the one thing that is to be trusted on the unpredictable sea.


Meat is a favorite food of the shonen manga and anime heroes.

Moby Dick

The Moby Dick is the main pirate vessel for Whitebeard and his crew. The bow has the head of a whale.

New Witch's Tongue

New Witch's Tongue is the pirate ship of the Bellamy Pirates. The crossed-out smile logo is the symbol of Donquixote Doflamingo.


Noah is a gigantic ship found in the in the Fishman District of Fish-Man Island. It's also known as the Ship of Promise.


Poneglyphs are ruins scattered throughout the world. Many contain information about weapons of terrible power, but one contains the truth of the Lost Century. A secret the World Government will kill to keep.

Pop Greens

Pop Greens are special seeds of hostile plants found in the forests on the Bowin Islands.

Rainbow Mist

The Rainbow Mist is a mysterious fog that appears randomly off the shore of Ruluku Island. It is the entrance to another dimension called Ape's Concert.

Saint Briss

The Saint Briss was a 200 year old, giant galleon that fell from the sky and almost struck the Going Merry. It fell from the White Sea of the Sky Islands.


One of the Wazamono 21 swords. It originally belonged to the samurai Ryuuma but after his defeat by Zoro. Ryuuma gave it too him saying the sword would be satisfied with Zoro as its master.


The Smasher is Z's weapon of choice, it made from Sea Stone

Thousand Sunny

The Thousand Sunny is the second ship of the Straw Hat crew. Built by Franky, the ship is twice the size of the Going Merry and has many special features found on no other ship.

Utan Sonar

Utan Sonar is the sonar locations vessel of the Saruyama Alliance, captained by Shojo.

Victory Hunter

Victory Hunter is salvage ship of the Saruyama Alliance, captained by Masira.

Vivre Card

The Vivre Card is also known as "The Paper of Life". This ordinary looking piece of paper will actually move in the direction of the person who had it made.


Wavers are Dial powered personal vehicles. Normally exclusive to the Sky Islands of the Grand Line.

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