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Grand Line is a anime/manga location
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The doctor at the entrance to the Grand Line, and guardian of Laboon. Once a member of the Pirate Kings crew.


Cub is a warrior of the Tontattas People on Greenbit. He ate the Bug-Bug Fruit: Model Rhinoceros Beetle.


Dagama is the military tactician of the nation of Prodence.


Daruma cookie-cutter shark fishman and an officer of the New Fishman Pirates.

Daz Bones

Daz Bones is Crocodile's most trusted agent in Baroque Works. Once an infamous assassin from West Blue. He ate the Supa-Supa Fruit.

Decalvan Bros.

Decalvan Brothers are allies of the Whitebeard Pirates. They joined in the battle at Marineford to save Ace


Dellinger is a fighter of the Diamante Army branch of the Dox Quixote Family.


Den is a bering wolffish merman from Fish-Man Island and the younger brother of Tom the Builder. He's a shipwright and a Sea Forest researcher.


Diamante is a member of the Don Quixote Pirates, and the Hero of the Corrida Colosseum in Dressrosa.


Diego is a craftsman on Hand Island.

Doctor Hiriluk

One of the last few rogue doctors during Wapol's reign on Drum Island. The man who started Chopper on his dream of being a doctor.

Doctor Kobato

Dr. Kobato is the physician of the G-8 Marine Base. Oddly enough for a doctor, she has a phobia of blood.

Doctor Kureha

Kureha is a lady and witch of a doctor to Drum Island. The one who properly trained Chopper on his dream to be the best doctor.


Dolan is a young boy who was kept captive on Punk Hazard Island.


Doma is an ally of the Whitebeard Pirates. He joined in the battle at Marineford to save Ace.

Don Quixote Doflamingo

Don Quixote Doflamingo is the leader of the Don Quixote Family and king of Dressrosa. He rules an underground organization under his alias, Joker.


Better known as Dorry the Blue Ogre, Dorry the giant wields a massive sword in his ongoing feud with his former friend Broggy the giant on the island of Little Garden.


Dosun is a hammerhead shark fish-man and an officers of the New Fish-Man Pirates.

Edward Newgate

Edward Newgate or Whitebeard is regarded as one of the strongest pirates in One Piece. He is one of the rare poeple who can match Gold Roger in a fight.

Elizabello II

Elizabello II is the king of Prodence.


Esta is a civilian woman of Dressrosa who has forgotten her human lover after he was changed into a toy.


Ever is Xiao's older sister, and a citizen who was forced to work as a waitress for Shiki on Merveille.


Eyelashes is a camel that befriended the Straw Hat crew and carried the girls through the difficult Alabasta Deserts.


Fillonce is a mermaid from Mermaid Cove in Fish-Man Island.

Fisher Tiger

Fisher Tiger, alias "The Adventurer", was a sea bream fishman, hero of the Fishman Island and the founder of the Sun Pirates.


Flapper is a warrior of the Tontattas People on Greenbit.


Flip is the son of the Mayor of Luluka Island. He heads the Tax Collection Squad.


Franky is the cyborg shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates. A wild guy who runs on cola and covered in weapons.


Fukaboshi is a shark merman and the eldest of the three sons of the royal Neptune family on Fishman Island.


Fuza is the bird ridden by Shura in the Ordeal of String. He doesn't naturally breath fire, but uses a Flame Dial to give the illusion.


Gambia is the chief of staff on the Bartolomeo Pirates.

Gan Fall

Gan Fall is the noble former God, ruler, of Skypiea. He was overthrown by Enel and turned to a mercenary knight of the White Sea.


Gancho is the Chief Tonta leader of the Kingdom of Tontta on Greenbit.


Gedatsu is one of Enel's priests and he oversees the Ordeal of Swamp. He is a complete idiot that will often forget to open his mouth to talk.


Genbo is one of the Shandian warriors and ally of the warrior Wiper. He is a rotund, strong fighter.


Giolla is a member of the Trebol Army branch of the Dox Quixote Family.


Gladius is a member of the Pica Army branch of the Dox Quixote Family.


Gomorrah is a giant King Bull that was saved and adopted by the Franky Family. Gomorrah is normally with his partner Sodom.


Gonbe is the pet rabbit of Chimney who thinks he's a cat.


Gramma is a member of the Tontattas People on Greenbit and Leo's grandmother.


Gyaro is a pop eyed goldfish fish-man member of Macro Pirates. He was once a member of the Sun Pirates under Fisher Tiger.


Gyats is the announcer at the Corrida Colosseum tournaments in Dressrosa.


Hack is a fish-man martial arts master of Fish-Man Jiu-Jitsu who competed at Corrida Colosseum.


Hammond is a daggertooth pike conger fishman and ammeber of the New Fish-Man Pirates.


Harisenbon a member of the New Fishman Pirates and commander of the Sea Urchin-Armor Spine Squad.


Hatchan is a former member of the Arlong pirates. He went on to living his dream of owning his own tokoyaki stand.


Henzo is a scientist who is researching the Rainbow Mist so he can find his childhood friends that were tapped within.


Hildon is a zombie created by Dr. Hogback and animated with shadows from Gecko Moria.


Hiramera is a olive flounder mermaid from Mermaid Cove in Fish-Man Island.


Hoe is the large pet whale of King Neptune of Fish-Man Island.

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