Grand Fisher

Grand Fisher is a anime/manga character in the Bleach franchise
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A powerful Hollow that has evaded Soul Society for 50 years, and was responsible for the death of Masaki Kurosaki the mother of Ichigo Kurosaki.


In his hollow form, Grand Fisher is a large humanoid with a monster like appearance. His body aside from his head, hands and feet is covered with green fur. He like all hollow has a large gaping hole on his body known as the hollow hole. His is located in the middle of his torso. His feet resemble those of a bird; his hands are claw-like in appearance and both his hands and feet are red in color. His head is large even in proportion to his large body. He has red eyes and a huge mouth spanning from one side of his face to the other. His hollow mask/face like most others is white. Atop his head is a tentacle-like appendage. It is capable of grabing and capturing human victims. Grand Fisher like most hollow is a giant of a creature and stands more than twice the height of an average person.
In his arrancar form Grand Fisher's appearance changes greatly but still bears some resemblance to his original hollow form. Though his mask is unbroken, it is entirely different. Since he is an arrancar he now has a face and his mask only covers part of his forehead. His fur does not cover his entire body as it used to and his new muscular arms and some of his mid section are clearly visible. His hollow hole is also higher than it used to be on his hollow form. His skin is now light brown in complexion rather than red. As an arrancar, he gained at least some shinigami powers in addition to his hollow powers and thus he gained an actual zanpakutou. And perhaps the most notable change is his size which was already great but is drastically increased in this form. He now stands multiple stories tall. Even his zanpakutou measures approximately two stories in length.



Grand Fisher is a powerful hollow that has remained at large for over 50 years. During that time, no shinigami was ever successful in capturing him and he was free to terrorize his human victims. Six years before the main storyline of Bleach, Grand Fisher met Ichigo for the first time. He uses his ability to lure victims on Ichigo by disguising himself as a young girl with the fake intent to jump into a river. Seeing this, Ichigo runs to stop her. Ichigo's mother Masaki tries to stop him, but is killed by Grand Fisher.

SIx years later and shortly after Ichigo first gained his shinigami powers, Grand Fisher stalks Ichigo's younger sister Karin who along with her two siblings Ichigo and Yuzu and their father, are visiting the grave of her mother. He catches Karin, but before he can devour her, Yuzu arrives and attempts to help her sister. Grand Fisher also catches her, saying she is in the way and is about to devour her instead when Ichigo arrives and cuts his tentacle off and one of his hands, freeing his sisters. After recognizing the same lure that had worked on him years ago, Ichigo questions Grand Fisher about his identity. Rukia who had arrived shortly before, answers his question and gives Ichigo a brief history about the infamous hollow criminal. Furious, Ichigo attacks Grand Fisher who evades the attack, regenerates his hand and counter attacks, but he is restrained by a kido spell from Rukia, however Ichigo insists that he finish the battle alone and tells Rukia not to interfere. After an intense battle, Grand Fisher inflicts heavy damage on Ichigo, but in the end is forced to retreat after Ichigo himself deals a severe blow.
Some time later, Grand Fisher reappears in Karakura town again with a mission to get revenge on Ichigo. He had further evolved since their last encounter and actually became an arrancar rather than a mere hollow and now wielded a zanpakutou as well as growing in size and overall power. He finds what he believes to be Ichigo, but it is actually the mod soul Kon, who was currently inhabiting Ichigo's human body. Grand Fisher is about to kill Kon, when Ichigo's father Isshin arrives and blocks the attack. It is revealed that Ichigo's father is a former captain of Soul Society and is thus an extremely powerful shinigami. Isshin Introduces himself as Isshin Kurosaki. Recognizing the name Kurosaki, Grand Fisher realizes that ISshin is Ichigo's father. He also notes that he can understand why he lost to Ichigo now. He tells Isshin that he has no interest in him and to hand over Ichigo. Isshin replies, saying that regardless of whether he is interested or not, he is actually there to kill Grand Fisher. Grand Fisher laughs in response, asking if Isshin actually thinks that he is a normal hollow and if he thinks that he can defeat him with a "twig" sized zanpakutou as his own is over two stories tall. Isshin casually says that Grand Fisher can try and defeat him. The two finally clash, and Isshin kills Grand Fisher with a single cut. Afterward, Isshin notes that the size of a zanpakutou represents the size of the wielders power and that truly powerful shinigami or arrancar compress their swords into normal sizes otherwise their swords would be the size of sky-scrapers and not a mere two stories like Grand Fisher's.


Like all hollow Grand Fisher possesses supernatural physical abilities including strength, durability, endurance and speed. His speed is most notable as he evades most of Ichigo's attacks however he does not possess any form of shunpo or sonido and is inferior in speed to those who do. His strength and durability also are notable as he was able to block pre-shikai Ichigo's Zanpakutou with his bare hand.
Spiritual Pressure
Like all spiritual beings in bleach, Grand Fisher possesses spiritual pressure also known as reiatsu, but his is low when compared to the likes of the Gotei 13 Captains and Vice Captains or stronger arrancar like the espada. His reiatsu does not even have the soul crushing affect or the intimidation affect that stronger beings do. His arrancar form however may have reached such levels however he never had a chance to demonstrate it.
Limb/fur growth  
Grand Fisher possesses the ability to extend both his limbs and his fur farther than normal in order to attack or restrain an opponent.
Grand Fisher has tentacle appendages that can grab and restrain his victims like he did to Karin.
Memory Probe
Grand Fisher possesses the ability to probe a victims memory by piercing them with his claws. He can search their minds to find anything that can help him in a battle. In his battle with Ichigo, he searched for something that Ichigo would be unable to cut.
Grand Fisher's greatest ability. Grand Fisher hides his body and uses the lure that is extended from his neck to attract victims. The lure can be transformed into a copy of someone close to the victim, which naturally prevents the victim from attacking since they do not want to harm the copy of their liked or loved one. Grand Fisher is able to separate the lure from his body which can make it easier to hide. The lure also acts as a second body. If his main body is heavily damaged, Grand Fisher is able to transfer himself to the lure fully restored again.
Upon losing a hand and possibly other appendages, Grand fisher may cover the harmed area with his fur and mold the fur into the shape of the lost appendage. A new hand is emerged from the shaped fur. It is unknown if he can heal other areas besides his hands.

Arrancar Form

Unfortunately Grand Fisher never has much opportunity to demonstrate his newer powers as he is speedily dispatched by Isshin Kurosaki.
Grand Fisher is able to transform his giant body into an even larger form. In this form he looks like his first arrancar form only larger and with two large horns emerged from his shoulders. He mentioned that this form is is true strength.
As an arrancar Grand Fisher gained a zanpakutou blade. It is huge, around two stories in length. However Grand Fisher never tried to release it and it is unknown however, if this zanpakutou possessed a resurreccion at all.
Voiced by
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Paul St. Peter
General Information Edit
Name: Grand Fisher
Name: グランドフィッシャー
Romanji: Gurando Fisshā
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Bleach #3
1st anime episode: Bleach #8
1st anime movie:
Recent Movies
Bleach: Memories in the Rain

The 1st Bleach OVA. This is a different version of episodes 8-9, this special focuses more on Ichigo's feelings regarding his mother's death.

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