Graduation is an anime episode of Clannad After Story that was released on 01/08/2009

Plot Summary

Tomoya visits the Furukawa residence and he wants to ask Akio a question. Akio takes him out to hit some baseball and if Tomoya wins their game, then Akio will listen to what he has to say and accept it. Tomoya loses the challenge but Sanae tells him to just work hard for Nagisa's sake. Tomoya tries the challenge again and again but loses. Tomoya thinks that Akio knows what he was going to ask. Tomoya continues to practice despite the bad, rainy weather. Akio says that he will pitch one last time and Tomoya hits it. Tomoya gets on his hands and knees to ask for if he can take Nagisa. Akio tells Tomoya that if he makes Nagisa sad, then he'll take her back. Nagisa and Tomoya spent Christmas alone together. Then, they visit Nagisa's parents where she takes her first sip of alcohol. She ends up completely drunk along with Sanae. Nagisa gets mad at Tomoya for "liking" Sanae. Nagisa ends up falling asleep as the others talk about Tomoya and Nagisa's relationship. In the third semester, Nagisa became sick again. She says that she has enough attendance to graduate this year. At home, Tomoya calls the Sunohara residence but Mei says that Youhei lives in the company dorms. Tomoya calls Youhei about something. Another day, Tomoya and Nagisa walk to the school where they meet up with their friends as a surprise for Nagisa. They all say it's for Nagisa's graduation ceremony since she couldn't go to the official one. After recieving here diploma, Nagisa gives a speech about her experiences at the school and how Tomoya helped her continue to be in school despite repeating. She thanks everyone for being there for here.

Tomoya and Nagisa meet up with Tomoya's father in jail and Tomoya says that he will be marrying Nagisa. He congratulates them and asks for Nagisa to take care of Tomoya. They get married.

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