Gowther is a anime/manga character in the The Seven Deadly Sins franchise
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Gowther is a member of The Seven Deadly Sins, and his sin is Goat Sin of Lust.


Gowther was a member of the 7 Deadly sins ten years prior to the main story. After they were forcefully disbanded, Gowther was found injured by the child Pelio. After being treated by the child and his family, Gowther decided to remain with Pelio to serve him. However he finally left Pelio after most of the Deadly Sins had found one another again and Gowther left with them when they came to retrieve him. Currently, Gowther's sin that landed him the title of Goat's sin of Lust is unknown.


Gowther is created by Nakaba Suzuki as the supporting of the manga series, The Seven Deadly Sins. At this moment, there is no information given by Nakaba Suzuki and his staff regarding any inspirations or concept art used in Gowther's character design.


Gowther had hidden his true identity to all of his allies in the past by wearing a giant suit of armor. But now he willingly shows his true form, which is in large contrast to what would have been expected.


Gowther has a rather androgynous appearance, perhaps looking more female than male. He is of medium height with a very lean build. He has near shoulder length stark red hair, however he can manipulate it's length. He is also always wearing glasses and apparently can't see anything without them.


Gowther has a very flat personality, and can be very awkward to those he speaks to due to his blunt directness. He also seems to have a cold streak, leaving his long time child friend Pelio without much of any remorse, despite the boy being in tears.


  • Meliodas - Gowther respects his captain, but their relationship beyond that is unknown.
  • Diane - Similarly, Gowther's relationship with Diane appears to be a respectable one, but perhaps due to Gowther's flat personality, they don's seem to be tremendously friendly towards one another. Gowther has however shown to care enough that he left to help Diane in her fight against Holy Knights in Liones.
  • Ban - Seemingly a casual relationship, but much like his other relationships. Gowther treats Ban more or less like anyone else.
  • King - Again, a very neutral seeming relationship. But Gowther is not above helping King in battle as he saved him from the Giant that was masqueraded as Gowther himself.
  • Elizabeth - Gowther was the only member of the sins thus far that bluntly refused to assist Elizabeth in her quest to gather all the Seven Deadly Sins inorder to overthrow the Holy Knights. But Gowther later agreed to join her in her quest.
  • Pelio - Gowther remained loyal to Pelio, a child who had helped him once he and the other Deadly Sins unwillingly disbanded. However, years later when his captain Meliodas and other members of the 7 Deadly Sins came to ask him back into the group, Gowther agreed and left a very upset Pelio behind.

Story Arcs

Armor Giant Arc

Gowther under the alias of Armando is first seen playing with Pelio and other children within the village. They were acting as the famed Seven Deadly Sins. Ironically, Armando had to act as the Goat's Sin of Lust Gowther, which was in fact his true identity unbeknownst to the children. They happened upon Meliodas' Boar Hut which had stationed itself in the village looking for Gowther based off of King's info. Pelio acting as Meliodas demanded tribute for using the village land. The real Deadly Sins then assumed that King's info was false and that the rumors he had heard of were of the kids parading themselves as the Seven Deadly Sins, embarrassing King. When Diane suddenly appeared, the children became frightened due to Diane's huge stature. But shortly after, they are seen playing on top of Diane. Armando then makes small talk with Ban, who was completely oblivious that it was Gowther.

Later, Pelio and the other kids heard news that some Holy Knights were in the mountains, hunting a villain. Naively excited, Pelio led the other children to the mountains in hopes to witness the Holy Knights in action. Despite Armando advising against it, Pelio foolishly refused to not go and stated he should never have saved Armando. It is then that Armando's past history with Pelio was revealed, showing that years ago, he was gruesomely injured, but a very young Pelio found him and despite his tiny size, dragged Armando back to his village to get treatment. From then on, Gowther had taken the name Armando to hide his true identity, and served Pelio and his family thereafter.Armando and the children eventually caught up to where the Holy Knights, specifically the Dawn Roar Group were battling the criminal. The criminal was alleged to be Gowther, a giant armored man. Foolishly, Pelio stepped onto the battlefield and attacked the Giant "Gowther", with his sword, which did nothing, however the Giant was annoyed by Pelio and raised his fist to crush Pelio. But Armando dashed to Pelio, pushing him out of the way and was instead crushed himself. The battle ensued but the actual Seven Deadly sins arrived to help the giant, thinking it to be the real Gowther. The Deadly Sins however were unable to beat the Dawn Roar and were nearly defeated. Weinheidt, a member of the Dawn Roar, launched a powerful attack at the giant, however it was blocked by none other than Armando. It was then that Armando revealed his true identity as the real Goat's sin of Lust Gowther.

After a harsh battle with the Armored creature, Meliodas manages to defeat it. The Deadly Sins decide to depart, and Gowther bids farewell to Pelio. The distraught Pelio yelled that he would become a Holy Knight and one day he would capture Gowther and that he would never forgive him for leaving him behind.

Kingdom Infiltration Arc

Meliodas, who had lost his sword that was of great importance for reasons yet unknown, made up his mind to go back to Liones to retrieve it. Suddenly, a Holy Knight appeared and teleported away with Elizabeth to Liones. After sensing where Elizabeth was taken, it was a two birds with one stone type of situation and a previously reluctant Ban, as well as Gowther agreed to go with him. Liones was at least forty kilometers away, but Diane, using her immense physical strength, picked up Meliodas, Ban and Gowther and hurled them all the way to Liones. She and King were later to follow. Once they arrive, Gowther, Meliodas and Ban engage the various Knights there, breezing through them with ease, but it was taking up their time so they slipped away to come up with a strategy.

While planning, they noticed a gigantic rock erupt from the ground off in the distance. Rightfully, they assumed it was Diane who had arrived after them. Gowther decided he would go and assist the struggling Diane while Meliodas and Ban retrieved Elizabeth. He bumps into Threader of the Dawn Roar. After a scuffle, Threader seemingly bests Gowther and breaks his neck, only for Gowther to rise back to his feet and re-position his neck back to normal. Gowther said he had seen Threader's memories. He then asked him if it was the King himself, or the Great Holy Knights who told him that the Seven Deadly Sins were traitors. A shocked Threader realized that it was the Holy Knights not the King and realized that he may have been mistaken about the Deadly Sins all along. He leaves without finishing his fight with Gowther. Gowther then heads to the badly injured Diane's position and arrives in the nick of time to save Guila who had just defected from the Holy Knights, from Great Holy Knight Dreyfus.

Powers & Abilities

  • Invasion: Gowther dons a bow-like weapon composed of an unknown energy. When struck with one of the arrows, the victim can have their memories manipulated at will by Gowther for a short period of time. Gowther can also read the minds and see the memories of those hit by the arrows. He has demonstrated not needing the bow to fire the arrows, at least when used to read minds. Gowther can fire the arrows either in rapid succession or all at once, making a sort of barrage. The arrows also appear to be harmless in terms of physical damage.
  • Transformation: Perhaps in a similar fashion to fellow Deadly Sin King, Gowther can alter his appearance to an unknown degree.
General Information Edit
Name: Gowther
Name: ゴウセル
Romanji: Gouseru
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Armand
Goat's Sin of Lust
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