Goth Characters

Goth is a anime/manga concept
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Amu Hinamori

My Heart: UNLOCK!

Barmelin Swattis Nolne

The gothic member of the Heaven Blades.


A assassin of the Black Organization who is a skilled sniper and is the partner of Korn.

Holly Jones

Joey's older sister who has her own rock band that was touring across the east coast. She canceled her tour to check on Joey after the Alien attack in Center City.

Mirajane Strauss

A long time member of the Fairy Tail guild who is a S-Class mage. She also bartends for the guild and is their cover girl in the weekly sorcerer.


A 15 year old high school goth girl who is the master of Palace the Lazy.


One of the members of the Rare Hunters (Ghouls). His conscious is sealed away and is controlled by Malik who uses him duel to Yugi. Pantomimer wielded Slifer during his duel with Yugi but lost it after losing to him.

Risa Kanzaki

Mikako’s best friend from Hokkaido who dreams of designing children's Clothes. In Paradise Kiss she is Arashi Nagase mother.

Robin Sena

Robin Sena is the main character of Witch Hunter Robin. She has the power of fire and and uses it, as a member of STN-J, to hunt witches. Eventually, she becomes the witch who is hunted.

Saki Hanajima

The "Denpa" Friend of Tohru


Gold's younger sister and a member of the Ayakashi.

Sunako Nakahara

One of the Mains of The Wallflower. She has an unsetteling level of bad manners that her roomates have to fix.

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