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If you were to make a list of the gotei 13 in order of strongest to weakest, how would the list look? (include aizen, gin and tosen before they left the SS)
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I take it were not counting the vizards in this.
  • Yamamoto
  • Aizen (1st and 2nd could easily switch)
  • Shunsui
  • Ukitake (Could be loer depending on health)
  • Kenpachi
  • Ichimaru
  • Byakuya
  • Hitsugaya
  • Tousen
  • Soifon
  • Mayuri (Potentially higher if he has prep)
  • Komamura
  • Retsu
Post by hitsusatsu11 (10,747 posts) See mini bio Level 20
1) Yamamoto (highest spiritual pressure, most senior captain)
2) Byakuya (mix of speed and kido, good multi layered bankai, good shikai, a pretty junior captain but is head of a royal house and thus has huge spiritual pressure)
3) Kenpachi (extremely high spirit pressure, ferocity is unmatched)
4) Shunsui (come on childrens games? lame. And why get defeated without using your bankai?) 
5) Retsu (based purely on seniority) 
6) Ukitake ( he is a very senior captain, but a spirit with freakin tuberculosis? Nuff said) 
7) Soifon (high speed, hax shikai, high destructive bankai, almost a master of flash cry) 
8)  Toshiro ( very junior, but a genius with a solid bankai and decent kido) 
9) Komamura (hes a big wolf) 
10) Mayuri (with prep and advanced knowledge higher, possibly 7th or 8th, without it he's a freak who lost to a quincy) 
Aizen pre hogyoko was lower than yamamoto, probably 2nd. 
Gin was on par with Toshiro, with his bankai i'd say he is a little better, maybe 7th or 8th. 
Tousen got owned by Kenpachi, he's probably be 8th or 9th, even his fly form would probably still get owned by Ken. 
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@hitsusatsu11: I personally would have put shunsui above kenpachi and byakuya. He owned starrk without his bankai, and his speed is on par with byakuya's.
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@rein: Lots of people would have, he is one of the most senior captains. These are my problems with him though. 
-He beat Stark, but I extremely doubt he could have 1v1, he and Ukitake fought him, then those 2 fail Vizards fought him as well. And children's games is the lamest attack Kubo could have made, he may as well had Shunsui's shikai shoot a big pie at Stark. (Stark was also kind of a disappointment) 
-His slack attitude in battle, if he were to fight Kenpachi that way what would happen? (Shunsui would die is what) Those children's games would prove a little more annoying than Tousens bankai, but I think Ken could get through it.  
I could picture a fight between the two of them 
Ken: "Swings"  
Shunsui: "dodges"   
Shunsui:" Aye oye, your a strong one, what say we just take it easy?" 
Ken: "WTF no!" 
Ken: "Impales Shunsei" 
-Who loses without showing their Bankai? You have more power than your showing, yet you refuse to use it against Aizen in the most important battle SS have ever faced? Byakuya would never lose without resorting to his bankai.
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