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Gosick is an anime series in the GOSICK franchise
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Along with fellow arts students Raoul and Derek, he visits the Village of Gray Wolves during the Summer Festival. He ends up the victim of murder.


Elder Serguis' assistant. He shows Kujo and Victorique around the village during the Grey Wolf case.


A Russian orphan who moves to Saubreme. She is the victim of a kidnapping scheme.

Avril Bradley

A foreign Exchange Student from Britan, and Kazuya's best friend other than Victorique.

Baron Musgrave

A military officer charged with the arrest of alchemist Leviathan. He is a strong critic of Leviathan's abilities.

Brian Roscoe

A mysterious Magician who is often seen with Cordelia Gallo.

Cordelia Gallo

The mother of Victorique De Blois, who Originates from the Village of The Wolves.

C├ęcile Lafitte

Kujo and Avril's Teacher at St Margurette Academy. she's friendly with both of them, often appearing in the story as comic releif.


A Fine Arts student visiting the Village of Gray Wolves during the Summer Solstice Festival with Raoul and Alan.


Owner of the large Jeantan Department Store in Saubreme. He is later suspected of ties with the black market.

Garnier's Secretary

Assistant to Garnier at the Jeantan Department Store in Saubreme. She helps him run the underground black market.

Grevil de Blois

A well known detective in Saubure, and Victorique's half brother.


A chambermaid working under at the estate of the leader of the Village of the Grey Wolves. She is frightened whenever someone mentions the murder of Elder Theodore or Cordelia Gallo.

Jacqueline de Signore

She is the wife of Signore in the Gosick franchise.

Jupiter Roget

The president of the Royal Academy of Science at Sauville. He has a past with Brian Roscoe and the alchemist Leviathan.

Kuiaran II

The successor of the first Kuiaran, Maxim. She takes on the likeness of Avril Bradley to find out the secrets of the school in Gosick.

Kujo Kazuya

The protagonist of Gosick. He is the third son of an imperial soldier who goes to school at St. Marguerite in Saubure, Europe.

Kujo's Mother

Kujo Kazuya's mother. She is very caring and is used to pampering Kujo.


An Arab women dragged into "Running of the Hares" in 1914, in Gosick.


Also known as The Woodcutter, he is an impromptu spy for the Ministry of the Occult in Saubure. He is after the Memento Box.


An alchemist of the 19th century, and wielder of the Philosopher's Stone.


Luigi is a small homeless boy that helps out Kujo in a sticky situation. He is handy for sneaking around.


Jacqueline's attending maid. She joins Jacqueline on her first trip to Saint Marguerite Academy.

Marquis Albert de Blois

Leader of the Ministry of the Occult and father of Victorique and Grevil.


Maurice is an employee at the Sauville Ministry of Foreign Affaris. He is dragged into the events of the "Running of the Hares".


A graduate of Saint Marguerite Academy. He visits the school every spring. He is also a professional thief.

Mildred Arbogast

A thief who joins Victorique and Kujo on their journey to Seyrun.

Ned Baxter

British stage actor and participant in the "Running of the Hares" event at the start of WWI.

Queen Coco Rose

The Queen. Her death and circumstances of her murder are a mystery that Victorique must solve.


A Fine Arts student visiting the Village of Gray Wolves with Derek and Alan during the Summer Festival.


The current Elder of the Village of Gray Wolves. He tries to welcome visitors. He lends a hand to solving the murder case of Cordelia Gallo and Theodore.


General-superintendent of Sauville Police Headquarters. Husband of Jacqueline, superior of Inspector Grevil.


the head cook at St Margurette Academy, and longtime friend of Cecile Lafitte.

The Knight

A burly man associated with the Ministry of Science in Saubure, and is after the Memento Box.

The Orphan

A mysterious unnamed girl associated with the Ministry of Science in Saubure and is after the Memento Box.

The Scarecrow

A lady associated with the Ministry of the Occult, and is after the Memento Box.


The main character of Gosick. she has a knack for solving mysteries despite her young age.

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