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Set in 1924 in the fictional European country of Saubure, the story revolves around Japanese student Kazuya Kujo and and the mysterious Victorique de Blois and their mystery solving adventures together, solving mysteries and meeting many new people.



Gosick, (a corruption of "Gothic") is a mystery anime series is set in the year 1924, in a fictional country known as Sauville. It is shown to be a small country, and most of its people are French-speaking. It is proposed to be located somewhere in Europe, though it is fictional and not based on a real place.

Plot Summary

The center of the story is based around Kazuya Kujo, a third son of a Japanese soldier. It begins with Kazuya being transferred to St. Marguerite Academy, and while at the academy he meets a young girl of the name Victoria. A beautiful, young, intelligent girl who enjoys to read and solve mysteries. With Victoria, Kazuya goes around solving some of the toughest missions, as well as meeting a variety of new and different people. Often times, the "missions" taken on by the duo are life-threatening and dangerous at some point, giving the show a type of action. Also, these mysterious assigned to Kazuya and Victoria are often one's that proffesional detectives cannot solve, giving them both a very high-standard reputation.

Main Characters

Kazuya Kujo ( 久城 一弥)

Kazuya Kujo
Kazuya Kujo

Kazuya Kujo is the protagonist of the story, and is the son of an Imperial Soldier. While growing up, he was always trying to improve himself and live up to his two older brothers, always being stereotyped as a spoiled brat. While in Japan's Military Academy, he decided to quit and leave, and did so quickly and swiftly so none of his family could stop him. Having decided to still learn, he transferred to St. Marguerite Academy. When he arrived, Kazuya had begun to notice that superstition swirled and raged throughout the community, and he was there next target. The saying with his attack was "the traveler who comes in the spring brings death with him." As a result of the saying, he is nicknamed "Reaper" by the students and considered a social outcast. However, once he meets Victorique his social health quickly changes as the two form a close bond, however it took some time. At first, Kazuya didn't like Victorique's attitude, but he soon showed his protective nature of her, risking his life for her on several occasions. Even though he isn't as smart as Victorique, he is very tactical and clever. His physical condition is also very good, and could be considered to be near peak physical condition at his age.

Victorique de Blois (Victoria) ( ヴィクトリカ・ド・ブロワ)

Victorique de Blois
Victorique de Blois

Victorique is the main female character in the show, having a genius level intellect and is quick-minded, something she inherited from her mother's clan. She is also shown to be very attractive, a small doll-like girl with long golden-rich blonde hair, and piercing emerald eyes. However, her voice is heard to sound like an old woman, a fun twist to the character. Victoria is also shown with a pipe, and is seen smoking it in the manga when she is thinking about something or in her free time. Even though it was shown in the anime, Victoria never used it for smoking due to the implications to younger viewers. Her most distinctive feature is her ability to read and understand high-level books, and solve difficult mysteries in very quick time, relying on her "Wellsping of Wisdom". She is often shown reading several very difficult books at the same time, often in a variety of different languages. Even though she rarely shows it, Victoria deeply cares about Kazuya, and would offer her life for him just as he would for her. As she grows throughout the anime, she is able to solve mysteries quicker, picking out anything minor or little she can usually figure out very quickly. Basically her detective skills grow an enormous amount in her evolution.

Grévil de Blois (グレヴィール・ド・ブロワ)

Grévil de Blois
Grévil de Blois

Grevil is Victorique's half brother, and is an Inspector in the Saubure Police department. while having some decent detective skills, he is easily outshined by Victorique's genius. However, unlike Victorique, he is the legitimate heir of the De Blois family, and is not able to acknowledge her in public. however, that doesn't stop him from coming to her for help with his mysteries, where she ends up solving many of them. his most distinctive trait is his drill hairstyle, which he didn't choose this fashion himself, but was forced to wearing it by Victorique after she helped him solve a case dealing with a girl he was in love with. despite this, he still cares for his sister, relying on Kazuya to keep an eye on her.

Avril Bradley ( アブリル・ブラッドリー)

Avril Bradley as seen in the Anime
Avril Bradley as seen in the Anime

Avril is another foreign student hailing from England, who was rescued by Kazuya after she was impersonated by a thief named Kieran II, and left to die in a warehouse. she quickly becomes friends with Kazuya, being with him pretty much whenever Victorique is not around, and has a countercurrent personality to Victoriuque, having a bubbly and cheerful personality to Victorique's stoic one. However, Avril quite similar to Victorique in physical appearances, both with blonde hair. Even though Avril doesn't have the emerald eyes like Victorique, he does have deep royal blue eyes, just as striking from a distance or close up. Both also have pale skin, which catch the light easily.

Story Arcs

Note: These arcs are to be deleted and to be replaced with new ones. For now, episodes have a synopsis in place.

Intro Arc

The Queen Berry's Voyage Arc

Guilty Until Proven Innocent Arc

Unmasking Avril Bradley Arc

The Journey to Victorique's Roots



"Destine Histoire" by yoshiki☆lisa (Episodes 1-26)


"Resuscitated Hope" by Lisa Komine (eps 1- 12)

"Unity" by Lisa Komine (eps 13-26)

Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 24
Looking at Infinity Over the Reaper's Shoulder
1 - 23
Announcing Checkmate at Dyed-Gray Chess
1 - 22
A Christmas Carol Decorates the Windowsill's Happiness
1 - 21
The Bells of Christmas Eve Toll at the Heels of Time
1 - 20
Led by the Phantom of the Phantom
1 - 19
The Rose Colored Life is Buried Under Fresh Snow
1 - 18
The Jet-Black Train Carries Several Lies
1 - 17
The Box Lies in the Spiral Labyrinth
1 - 16
The Felling Maria Has a Fly’s Head
1 - 15
Two Monsters See Eye to Eye
1 - 14
A Malicious Frill Denounces a Farting Newt
1 - 13
The Fool Designates His Own Mouthpiece
1 - 12
The Cicadas Are Heard on Summer Afternoons
1 - 11
That Drill Eloquently Speaks of Love
1 - 10
Girl With a Cold Dreams of Her Stubborn Friend
1 - 9
Blue Roses Bloom in the Cannibal Department Store
1 - 8
Howling Echoes From the Kingdom of the Past
1 - 7
A Divine Revelation is Given at the Summer Solstice Festival
1 - 6
The Gray Wolves Summon Their Brethren
1 - 5
There's a Mysterious Ghost in the Abandoned Storehouse

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Hitoshi Nanba
Mari Okada
Hiroko Kazui
Kotaro Nakagawa
Takashi Tomioka
Tokuyuki Matsutake
Kazuki Sakuraba
Hinata Takeda

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