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Welcome to the Gosick recogniton blog! A recognition blog is a commemoration blog that reveals the hard work of Anime Vice users.

Purpose: For the love of my team, I am showcasing our work on Gosick for all of the community. This recognition blog not only has most of the contributions from wiki editors, but also, I have personal feedback of two of my teammates, Halberdierv2 and Auron570. Thank you for reading this recognition blog and give some recognitions to the wiki editors you see on this website and others.

Testimonies of Halberdierv2, Auron570, and Takashichea

*Written in first person and past tense to make it easier.


"The reason why I chose to work on this anime was that the concept of a mystery anime intrigued me. As the series went along, the focus shifted to another of my favourite themes, romance, and the undercurrent story of Victorique's past also interested me. All in all, this is one of my favourite animes for 2011."


"I thought the characters and environments were well drawn. I found that the series was less about solving mysteries as it was about Kujo and Victorique getting closer and Victorique learning to trust Kujo. Throughout the series we get a lot of tugging and pulling between them, because of Victorique's tsundere behaviour. They spend about as much time at the Academy as they do abroad in a fictional pre-WW1 Europe. Not all of the time they spend is with each other. My recommendation for those thinking of watching Gosick: Don't get hung up on the details of each mystery. Underneath each mystery Gosick is a fairly conventional drama/romance with great visuals. You may not remember all of the supporting characters by the end of the series, but it will not matter because it is ultimately all about Kujo and Victorique."


"Even though I was working on the Rave Master wiki project with Fire_Star, I noticed Halberdierv2 posting blogs about his Gosick wiki work. As I read his blog, I was interested in the anime and also, I found out that he was looking for someone to work with. When Fire_Star and I finished all of Rave Master's episode summaries, I contacted Halberdierv2 to team up with him. Originally, I was going to reformat the episodes, but at Halberdierv2's request, I watched the anime. Upon viewing the first few episodes of Gosick, I loved the series starting when Victorique go to restore her mother's honor. Gosick is my first mystery anime, and I recommend people to try it. I thank Halberdierv2 for getting me into this series."

Team's Creation and Best Work

I asked my team about what pages they created. Here is a list.

  1. Halberdierv2 created the following pages: Victorique, Kazuya, Grevil, Avril, Cecile, Sophie, Cordelia, Brianthe Marquis, Brian Roscoe, Cordelia Gallo, Lesglant, Leviathan, Midred Arbogast, Sophie, The Orphan, and The Scarecrow
  2. Auron570 created the following pages: Alan, Ambrose, Anastasia, Baron Musgrave, Derek, Garnier and his secretary, Harminia, Kuiaran II, Kujo's mother, Lee, Luigi, Marion, Maurice, Maxim, Ned Baxter, Queen Coco Rose, Sergius, and Signore.
  3. Takashichea created the following pages: Jacqueline de Signore.

Best Work

  • Halberdierv2 stated that his work on episode 18's plot summary, and that this episode solidify Victorique and Kujo's relationship.
  • Auron570's plot summary for episode 24 is detailed and it is a wonderful ending.
  • Takashichea's plot summary for episode 8 is beautiful, and it reveals how Kujo and Victorique need each other.

Major Contributions of Wiki Editors

All wiki editors are in alphabetical order for the table. This table lists brief areas of contributions and excludes the creations of characters from Auron570, Halberdierv2, and I. For the characters, I list those work on it and for my team or others, the specific role on that page if possible.


P= plot (usually more than 5 sentences), SP = short plot, C=creation, SA = Story Arcs, A= Appearances, O= Origin, OM = Other Media

Anime Vice UsersAreas of Contribution
  1. Characters: Jupiter Roget, The Knight
  2. Episodes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6SP, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11SP, 12, 13, 15, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24P
  1. Episodes: 1
  1. Characters: Victorique
  2. Episodes: 1, 2, 4SP, 5
  1. Characters: The Scarecrow
  1. Franchise: Work on it.
  2. Manga: Created the page and vol. 1-2; work on it.
  3. Light Novel: Created the page and vol. 1-2; work on it.
  4. Light Novel 2: Created vols. 1-9.
  1. Characters: Avril (Story Arcs and Personality), Brian (Story Arcs), Cordelia (Story arcs and Appearances), Jupiter Roget, Kujo (Story Arcs and Appearances), The Knight, The Orphan (Story Arcs), The Scarecrow (Story Arcs), and Victorique (Origin and Evolution), Lesglant
  2. Franchise: Work on it.
  3. Light Nove: Work on vol. 1-2.
  4. Episodes: [Created 3-4] 1P, 2,P 3SP, 4, 5SP, 6SP, 7SP, 8SP, 9SP, 10SP, 11SP, 12P, 13SP, 14SP, 15SP, 16P, 17, 18P, 19P, 20P, 21P, 22P, 23P, 24
  1. Characters: Grevil de Blois
  1. Characters: Victorique
  1. Episodes: 1
  1. Characters: Grevil de Blois
  1. Characters: Victorique (Creation and Other Media), Grevil (Creation), Kujo (Creation and Other Media), Mildred (Creation)
  2. Franchise: Work on it.
  3. Episodes: 1, 2, 3P, 4P, 5P, 6P, 7P, 8P, 9P, 10P, 11 (images), 19 (images)
  1. Characters: Victorique
  2. Episodes: 7,

History of this project

  • May 27, 2011 - Halberdierv2 publishes Gosick stuff blog. He talks about his accomplishments for episode 18.
  • In early July 2011 - Gosick team: Halberdierv2, Auron570, and Takashichea is created.
  • July 24, 2011 - Auron570 publishes I'm a Tsundere blog. In this blog, Auron570 explains about 3 Tsundere characters and their relationship with their their person of romantic interest.
  • August 20, 2011 - The Gosick Recognition blog is created by Taka. Making it the 4th one for Taka.


The table is not exhaustive since the top editors table does not include everyone who worked it. Please PM me if forgot you. I apologized in advance.

Like the many recognition blogs except Fairy Tail, I cannot update this frequently. A historian blog would be necessary to keep updates. Once the project completes, a follow up blog will be published.

Thank you for reading this recognition blog. Please give some recognitions out because it makes their day feel good.

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Oh, I forgot to mention. For you wiki editors, don't be discouraged if you are overwhelmed with your wiki editing tasks. I was working alone and independently. Then I discover people working on Fairy Tail. I just wrote on their walls to congratulate them. That is how my first team was created.

For Gosick, I felt that I have to help Halberdierv2 because I felt the same way he and other wiki editors facing. These small steps and encouragements go a long way. I been working a lot with wiki editors, and it brings us closer. If you are shy, don't worry. Just write on their walls or write a blog. Or join them on an anime that person is working on (an anime that you also like).

That was the case for me in Fairy Tail. I abandoned my first project, Alice in the Country of Hearts, to work with Anna and Obscurefan on Fairy Tail.

Despite my busy college life, I try to at least make 2 hours of Anime Vice to work on wiki pages. These things take time, but it should never take higher priority over family and school.

If you are still overwhelmed and can't find anyone, feel free to talk to me. We can become partners if time permits.

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Fantastic job you guys! Seriously this is amazing. :D
You're so lucky you've got a team. I'm slowly tackling 07-Ghost and Togainu No Chi by myself. TnC is almost done, but i haven't done summaries for the episodes.
Anywho, we're so happy to have such great wiki editors on our site.
Post by Halberdierv2 (1,303 posts) See mini bio Level 17
@Superevil225@takashichea: yea, being overwhelmed can feel bad, I was pretty much doing this all by myself until I felt I was begging for help in my blog. although, admittantly, after I finished watching the last episode, I really didn't do that much afterwards except clean a few pages. unfortunately, due to my course of work I'm studying, I'm really not going to have time for AnimeVice anymore until Christmas vacation and Summertime. but don't worry, I'll be back in full force when these times come around, God willing.
Post by takashichea (15,903 posts) See mini bio Level 25


It's cool. I can't remember how I juggled Anime Vice with the fall semester of 2010. I will be busy with Anime Vice during fall, too. I'll be working in the weekends.


I know that you will find a wiki editor who loves 07 Ghost or Togainu No Chi. I couldn't find a person for Shaman King because most of wiki editors were from last year and retired? (well, inactive) Maybe I could team up with you.

Yeah, I should go and try it out first before I commit myself.

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