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A young man is about to get fired from his orchestra gig as cellist when a series of animals come and request music from him, granting him superb cello skills.

The Cat comes to say hi.
The Cat comes to say hi.
This is perhaps one of the most beautiful stories I have read and Written by Kenji Miyazawa and adapted into an anime in 1982. It follows a cellist Gauche who struggling to meet his potential in the local orchestra and is close to losing his place mainly due to the rather nasty Conductor, During his practice he is approached by a small cat who has taken a vegetable from his garden the cat ask him to play a tune for him and Gauche annoyed at the cat for stealing from his garden scares it way with a scary tune. The Following night while working for the upcoming concert he is visited by A cuckoo who wishes to practice scales with along with Gauche, Losing his temper as the Cuckoo sings a beautiful song that sounds better than his cello he chases it away and into his window.
The Raccoon keeping pace
The Raccoon keeping pace

The following night again while practicing a small raccoon approaches him  and plays along with Gauche drumming on his cello, After they had played until dawn the raccoon stopped and pointed out that Gauche was playing to slow, even when he was trying to keep speed with him. On the final day before the concert Gauche was visited by one more animal, A small mouse and her child entered his house as he practiced, The baby mouse was ill and the mother mouse wanted to heal her son and asked Gauche if he would be so kind. Gauche was saddened and said he was not a doctor, The mother mouse told him how his music had already helped so many animals in the woods. Placing the ill mouse in his cello Gauche played a fast tune and when he was done the little mouse ran out and they both thanked Gauche with teary eyes and ran out the house.

Happy Ending
Happy Ending
The day of the concert came and it was loved by the whole town as they played. At the end the nasty conductor approached Gauche telling him how he was impressed by his playing and wanted him to play the encore. Gauche thought he was being picked on once again by the conductor so went on stage and played the song that scared the cat. The crowd loved it and he was congratulated by all. The Anime ends with Gauche back at his house playing with all the animals who had visited him, after he apologies to the ones he was mean to.
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Name: Gorsch the Cellist
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