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Gordius Wheel is a anime/manga thing
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It's a chariot that Rider (Alexander the Great/Iskander) uses as his main transportation.


The Gordius Wheel is one of Rider's two Noble Phantasms that he uses while in battle consisting of a chariot pulled by two divine bulls. Originally being an offering to the Greek god of thunder Zeus, Iskander would claim the divine bulls and chariot for himself, earning his status as a Rider class Servant for his participation in the 4th Holy Grail War.

The chariot used for Gordius Wheel is unusually large, being the size of a truck. The sides of the chariot have two large sickles that are useful for battle by demolishing nearby obstacles that result in the debris being launched at enemy forces. Because the chariot and bulls are manifestations of Zeus' power, they emit lightning as they charge into battle and are able to fly and move into the air as well as they move on the ground. The amount of power emitted by the bulls with each stomp is as strong as the amount of mana Saber or Lancer would have to exert to utilize their full strength. The chariot is capable of traveling over 400 km/h (almost 249 MPH) and its charge is powerful enough to knock over Berserker and force the Servant into a retreat.

The chariot's strongest attack is Via Expugnatio, a powerful trampling attack that drives a foe into being struck by all of the hooves of the bulls and being damaged by all the wheels of the Gordius Wheel. Beyond the physical damage of being trampled by the bulls and chariot, the enemy would also suffer damage from the lightning emitted during the attack. It emits greater power and speed than regular charges from the Gordius Wheel, its speed being fast enough to nearly match the speed of a blast from Excalibur being fired.

General Information Edit
Thing Name Gordius Wheel
Japanese Name:
Romaji Name:
Aliases Gordius Chariot
Rider's Ox Cart
Iskander's Gordius Wheel
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Fate/Zero #2
1st anime movie:
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