Yu Yu Hakusho #1 - Goodbye, Material World!

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 04/10/1991

Plot Summary

As the series starts it is revealed that the main character, Yusuke Urameshi is dead. Yusuke was known as strongest delinquent, but to everyone's surprise, including god, he had sacrificed himself to save a little boy from being hit by a car. Due to his unexpected action, there is no place for him in either Hell or Heaven, so to make it up for it, Yusuke was given with a chance to be alive once again.


001. Goodbye, Material World!.....Pg.5

It all begins with Yusuke Urameshi being dead, with no idea how he died in first place, Yusuke tries to remember how it all happen. Three hour porior to the event, Yusuke was chilling out at his school, smoking. His childhood friend Keiko tries to set Yusuke straight but the attempt was futile. Even the teacher couldn't stop Yusuke. Yusuke then stops by his house for a moment, but leaves right after since he couldn't stand his mom's nagging. While walking around the neigborhood, Kuwabara and his gang shows up to challenge Yusuke, to see who is the stronger one. Yusuke beats Kuwabara and his gang without a sweat. Yusuke then meets a boy who was playing with his ball next to a road. Yusuke plays with the little boy and tells him to not to play around the road. The doesn't really listen and tries to catch his ball that is on the middle of the road. Yusuke notices a car coming so he jumps in to save the boy but gets hit in the process which ends up killing him. Still in his ghost form, Yusuke finally realizes that he is dead, and as soon as he accepts the truth Boton appears, claiming that herself as an escort for the souls on the crossroads. Boton tell that she didn't come to take Yusuke away, but to offer him a Test of Revival. Turns out nobody, including god expected Yusuke to sacrifice himself to save a little boy. So apparently there is no place for Yusuke in either Heaven or Hell. To get specific, the boy was going to be fine without Yusuke's help anyway, he was going get minor injury. Yusuke declines the offer, thinking that nobody would miss him. Boton proves him wrong by bringing Yusuke to his procession, seeing how there are people who miss him Yusuke decides to take the test.

002. Test for Resurrection!.....Pg.51

Continuing from last chapter, Botan takes Yusuke to the underworld, where King Enma, the judge of the underworld awaits. However instead his junior Koenma greets Yusuke and offers him the Test of Revial. The test is for Yusuke to carry an egg, an Egg of Spirit World's Beast. Yusuke agrees but unknown to him, it was more dangerous than he though. The spirit beast grows by sucking on human's energy, and depending on person's heart it can become either demon or an angel. At the same time, Yusuke's dead body started have heartbeats again, and to convey the message, Yusuke delivers the news of his revival to Keiko while she's sleeping so she can take care of his dead body until he can returns. And so Yusuke's trial begins.

003. Time for Departure!!.....Pg.74

004. The Old Dog and the Boy.....Pg.95

005. Her First Christmas!.....Pg.117

006. The Lonely Journey.....Pg.137

007. The Promise!.....Pg.157

008. The Temporary Resurrection (Part 1).....Pg.179


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