Goodbye Fishing

Goodbye Fishing is an anime episode of Tsuritama that was released on 06/28/2012

Goodbye Fishing

It's crunch time as Yuki and the others try desperately to catch JFX before Duck fires missiles at JFX. It turns out Haru is the legendary bait and with a little help from his friends, Yuki is able to catch JFX, whose real name is actually Urara, and saves Enoshima. When all is said and done, Haru had a lot of fun with Yuki and the others.

Plot Summary


Since Haru is a fish he plans to use himself as bait to lure JFX. Yuki repeatedly tells Haru that, "I will not let you wither." (See Note 1) Meanwhile JFX's powers are growing due to the increasing severity of the typhoon. Duck is scrambling to make a move. Joushi is in a hard situation as his Duck superiors give him 3 minutes to try something before they fire the missiles. Joushi is determined to protect his men, including Akira, who is on the boat near JFX where Duck plans to fire the missiles.

"Missiles might be fired!"-Akira
"Missiles might be fired!"-Akira

Yuki remembers from the legend that, "the goddess worked together with her companion to fish up the dragon." Also, since both Coco and Haru came to Earth, the legend demands for two goddesses, one to protect the fisherman and the other to be the lure. From this Yuki concludes that Haru is the legendary lure! Joushi calls Akira and lets him know about the missiles. Akira relays the news to Natsuki, Yuki and Haru. Everyone decides that they won't turn back now.

After Haru is attached to the fishing line, this is Yuki's last chance. With a brilliant cast, Yuki lands Haru right next to the giant bait ball. After some intense fishing and almost losing to JFX's mind control, the bait ball flies out of the water and up into the sky. As fish start falling from the sky, the typhoon clears up and no one is under mind control and doing the Enoshima dance anymore.

On the boat, Haru and Coco reunite and hold the fish form of JFX in their hand. Akira comes up to blow dry them. The small fish turns into a young boy like Haru except with blue hair. The boy says his name is Urara and he apologizes to everyone. Haru and Coco say goodbye to everyone as they fly off on their spaceship with Urara. They had a lot of fun.

"The alien!"
"The alien!"

6 months later: Tamotsu has successfully turned their place into a food joint that serves whitebait food. Mariko is also pregnant. Natsuki has travelled to America to become a bass fishing pro. Ayumi and Misaki are married and happy, for the most part. Yuki wonders if he has changed at all that much since meeting Haru. At the start of a new year they have 2 transfer students. One of them is Urara, who seems to be shy. Yuki invites Urara to go fishing with him. The second transfer student is Haru.


1. This is a reference to what Kate said about Haru and Yuki being like flowers who are trying to bloom.

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