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You know, I’m sure I’m not catching about 40% of the anime and manga in-jokes being bandied about here, but I’m chortling about all the ones I do get and at least enjoying the general vibe when I find myself momentarily in the dark. My favorite quick-change LOONY TOONS-style gags about Goku’s absurd training methods and my childhood favorite Doraemon. I want to say there was a quick joke about ROSARIO VAMPIRE in there, as well - - but there are certainly a lot of other pink-haired school girls in anime.

Actually, could one of you more learned lunatics break down what that gag with a cancelled manga’s double-splashpage was all about?

Hah… as I type that, I get a fittingly-ironic flashback to when I was sitting in on the Otaku Last Comic Standing tournament at Anime Expo a few weeks back. At one point, some kids in the row behind me actually asked if I could explain the sets to them! The wording was something like…

“Hey, excuse me, sir. Do you think… could you explain some of the jokes? Not, like, all of them… they're funny... but maybe a few?”

I was happy to oblige but, sadly, they never took me up on it. Such gleefully absurd situations are honestly what make conventions for me.

Anyway, back on topic, I’m getting the biggest kick out of how the intro’s presenting these girls as being irascible besties or something - - as if our god of poverty’s been kidnapped into a type of program that’s worlds away from the one she was expecting when she took on the job. Also, I’m endlessly entertained by the sort of manic logic this show’s dishing out, now; as if it’s trying desperately trying to make up sensible explanations for everything on the fly. The pervy Gaijin’s filibuster about how Shintoism and Buddhism relate being a glorious example of that.

Watch this episode, "This, Indeed, Has the 'The Battle Between God and Girl Now Begins' Feel To It” here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Whoo! It's another beautiful episode. It may not be funnier than the first one, but I dig this one.

At least Binbogami Ga! is not like Gintama. Gintama's jokes are rooted deep in Japanese culture and politics. Besides, Binbogami Ga! bangs on other anime shows. Though, Sonata listed some outside references on Ep. 3. For me, I probably won't get the references since I haven't watch a lot of anime.

I missed the reference that Sonata put down.

What anime is this from?
What anime is this from?
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@takashichea: Its a Gundam reference:)
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I was overthinking again.

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Finally started watching this, it's definitely the craziest anime I've picked up this season. I love all the references, especially the Dragon Ball Z stuff. That closet scene was particularly special.

Personally hoping for a Fairy Tail reference at some point, judging by what we've seen so far it wouldn't surprise me if we get one!

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That would be so awesome! I know for sure who would do Lucy, Sakura Ichiko! Momou could be Natsu.

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