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Now this is my kind of sexy fantasy anime comedy with dialog largely fixated on its main character’s boobs (the specificity of that sub-genre is a sobering reminder of how long I’ve been writing these.)

Once again, it goes to show that almost anything can work in a show - - even excessive T&A - - as long as the material’s good. Just simply good. I can’t put my finger on why this worked so well when the likes of SEKIREI and NEEDLESS were such turn-offs. Maybe it’s because I can sense enough intelligence and self-awareness behind the humor; an understanding of exactly what it’s handling and how to best play with it.

(Go on and put your mind in the gutter for the last bit. That was totally intentional innuendo.)

Maybe I’m so much more receptive to this because bland rehashes of A CHRISTMAS CAROL and IT’S WONDERFUL LIFE are such a pet peeve for me. Putting aside the tedium of seeing the exact same story spun around over and over, I’ve always been put off by how the protagonist of those stories - - the self-interested smartass who needs to be redeemed - - typically forgets their own street sense for the sake of the Big Message. I’ve been waiting a very long time for such a character to turn the tables on her supernatural “intervention officer” the way our silven-haired friend does to the god of poverty in this episode.

The show’s also building off realer truths than the trite potboilers I allude to. The law of attraction is real, man! You have a positive attitude like this girl does, and positivity attracts to you - - and the inverse is just as true. So I got a special enjoyment out of watching her point out how stupid the whole "universe-balancing" downer is.

Last thing I’ve got to say is that a girl who can break out a monster dunk and a German suplex is my kind of gal. I’ll be checking out the rest of these episodes throughout the week, for sure.

Watch this episode, ""Are You Sure You Haven't Confused Being a God of Flat-brokeness with Being a God of Flat-chestedness?" here and decide for yourself.

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Aw sweet! You're check out Binbogami Ga! I fell in love with this Gintama/Boobdacious anime show.

I thank Sonata for recommending it. I just love how the Sakura and Momiji are like water and oil and bitchy at the same time.

Unlike other anime that uses fan service to grab people, the fan service is well done and tasteful. Plus, you have flat chested girl to balance it out. Though, I wish the creator makes her a bit cuter.

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@Tom_Pinchuk: I am glad you like it It has been my show of the year so far it has got me hooked. 
@takashichea: LOL I think Momiji is cute as she is quite honestly. Its just her style of dress is kind of crazy lol. 
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I saw that very episode this morning! It turned out to be funny as hell! <3 I already love this series!

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Series is high on parody.Mostly anime parody an subs i have seen point out where the lines come from.Good stuff.Good animation an Great end music to.

Kinda think mad magazine meets anime meets parody of mad magazine meets anime... with mild fan service.At no extra charge.

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Oh yeah :) I forgot about her crazy cosplay. I just keeping thinking of Momiji as Hildagarde for some odd reason.

Oh snap, Sonata!


We got another fan. So glad you enjoyed the show, BigHeart711.

@Marshal Victory:

It's a sexier version of MAD.


Everyone is welcome to party at the Binbogami Ga! discussion thread. I'm glad Tom give this show a spin.

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@takashichea: True . i started to say it was a sexier version of Cracked. But that sounds wrong so so many levels.

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Really really liked the first episode! I'm looking forward to watching more. Momiji's seiyuu is extremely fun to listen to.

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