Good Luck Girl! Characters

Good Luck Girl! is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Akane Tange

Akane Tange is Ichiko's classmate who hates Ichiko with a passion. She is the one who nicknamed Sakura Ichiko, Tittyko.


Anzu is a character from Binbogami ga!.


A God of misfortune from the Binbougami series. A peer and friend of Momiji.


A lecherous Monk who aids Sakura by giving her the Soumin Shourai.

Ichiko Sakura

The protagonist of Binbogami-Ga! who has the ability to steal karma energy from others.


Kaede is a character from Binbogami ga!.

Keita Tsuwabuki

Keita Tsuwabuki is a character in Binbogami Ga! He's usually works late to support his siblings.

Kikunoshin Suwano

He is Sakura Ichiko's butler.


Konjikihime is a character from Binbogami ga!. She is a God of silk, and Tanpopo's handler and friend.


Kumagai is the teddy bear partner of Momiji's who communicates by writing in a book.


Kuroyuri is one of the misfortune gods in Binbogami Ga! series.


Kurumi is Ichiko's first friend who backstabs Ichiko.

Mika Tsuwabuki

She is Keita's younger sister who has those Chinese bun hair style.

Mizunoe Urashimako

He's the turtle man.

Momiji Binboda

A God of Misfortune that always attempts to steal the Karma energies of Sakura Ichiko.

Momou Inugami

Momou Inugami is a dog god who is summoned by Momoji.

Nadeshiko Adenokouji

Nadeshiko Adenokouji is purple haired character who appears during the ending credits. She often reveals where she is hiding in the episode.


Natsume is a Night Blade God in the Binbogami ga! series.

Ranmaru Rindou

Ranmaru Rindou is a young girl with a tomboy personality. She is the heir to her father's dojo in Binbogami Ga!

Rika Tsuwabuki

Rika Tsuwabuki is one of Keita's sisters who has a long, black hair.

Rindou Genjuurou

He is Ranmaru's father.

Ryuuta Tsuwabuki

Ryuuta Tsuwabuki is Keita's younger brother in the Binbogami Ga! franchise.

Sorata Tsuwabuki

Sorata Tsuwabuki is Keita's youngest brother and sibling in the Binbogami Ga! franchise.


Tama is Ichiko's kitten that can transform into a fortune god in the Binbogami Ga series.


A God of good fortune from the Binbougami series. She handles less scrupulous tasks for the fortune Gods and has an eccentric personality.


Toady is Kuroyuri's partner in Binbogami Ga!

Toilet God Ibuki

He's the toilet god who helped Momiji and Ichiko in Binbogami Ga! series.


Yamabuki is a god who assigned Momiji to take Sakura Ichiko's fortune away to restore the balance.


Yusuke is Ichiko and Kurumi's first crush.

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