Gonzo's Slow Continues; Alive Anime Cancelled

Topic started by gia on Sept. 8, 2009. Last post by Elfie 5 years, 5 months ago.
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This is a news-packed Canned Dogs post: first Zepy spotted an announcement from Gonzo that the animation studio is closing down its official online store, Gonzo Style. Zepy also notes that once Saki ends, Gonzo has no anime series officially confirmed. That doesn't necessarily mean Gonzo is ceasing to be, of course-- they may have unannounced/undated projects, or they may go into a minor hibernation period where they bank some cash doing animation assistance instead of heading productions.

We'll see! In the meantime, word from Tadashi Kawashima, creator of the manga Alive: The Final Evolution (currently being released by Del Rey Manga and whose anime adaptation was announced back in June of '08) has confirmed the cancellation of the project, at least for the time being.

I really hope they find another studio to make that anime because I really enjoyed the manga, which I only read the first volume of. I'd also like it if Gonzo managed to pull out of its hole, and preferably with a series that isn't Strike Witches 2-- which, given the lack of news, starts to feel a bit lost in the ether as well.

Time will tell!
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Strike Witches is the property that will save Gonzo.
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Save the Strike Witches, save the world?
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It seems to me as a fan that  GONZO has not really being of late putting together the type of assets (pun not intended) that have long-term appeal, i.e. shows with solid stories (Last Exile, Trinity Blood, to name a few). What they've been churning out is more or less similar to their other stuff (or other shows elsewhere). And while those shows aren't necessarily bad in and of themselves (well usually), in an economy that's sluggish in Japan, and in other anime watching markets, if the show only has limited appeal or its appeal is similar to other shows, then the lack of a solid story to make it stand out from others is really going to hurt the brand and ultimately the studio. Because the show is just going to get lost in the vast abyss known as all the anime ever made. 
I mean the only reason Strike Witches stood out to me is the bizarre-ness coupled with the moe.   It's story wasn't in my opinion good. And i's such an odd title... I don't know how it would do in other markets outside of Japan.
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