Gonzo Style Shop Reopens, Sells Rare Male Hug Pillow!

Topic started by gia on Feb. 11, 2010. Last post by John_Martone 5 years, 1 month ago.
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Back in 2009, as one of many signs that animation studio Gonzo was potentially falling apart at the seams, Canned Dogs reported that the studio's store, Gonzo Style, was closing up shop.

But Gonzo has shown some signs of perking up lately, what with the upcoming release of their Super Street Fighter IV: Juri title, and today while I was browsing through Gonzo's site, I noticed that they have updated and reopened Gonzo Style as of February 5th.

The site is currently focused primarily on DVDs of Samurai 7, Rosario to Vampire, Linebarrels of Iron, and Strike Witches (natch), but there's some swag as well...in fact, I stumbled upon this dakimakura (hug pillow) which really surprised me. Why? Because it's a dude! Samurai7's Kyuzo, to be specific. Apparently it was orginally a promo item sold at Comiket.

While there's plenty of art out there-- even art that LOOKS official --for male dakimakura, there are in fact very, very few official dakimakura of male characters (though Gurren Lagann's Simon got one!), so this is actually really cool <3

I'm glad to see Gonzo is potentially doing a bit better. But more importantly, ladies AND gents: if you were going to get a dakimakura of a male anime character-- you can only get one, but you HAVE to get it --who would it be? I'm thinking Kamina would be cool. But Gendo might be good for the lulz, as it were.
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Ether of them i guess. You cant go more manly then those two. Although if the jet one had a life like beard that might sway my decision.  
  You know, as a heterosexual male i cant believe i put this much thought into what man pillow i want to sleep with.... 
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So the question is, basically, who would I want to cuddle with.
 That's a remarkably difficult question!  Will I embarrass myself horribly if I say Soshi Asamoto from Absolute Boyfriend (the only good thing about that series)?  I guess if I didn't want to admit that I own that one...can I request a Miles Edgeworth dakimakura please?
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Hah, cool. Good for Gonzo. 
I'd want a Gintoki one. 

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I want a Meito hug pillow.
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Would take a kenshiro Pillow.
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Heh, I already got a bedsheet with my favorite yaoi guys on it.  Not that I use it, since the husband would not be amused. XD  But he doesn't mind the Winnie the Pooh bed ensemble, so perhaps I could get away with Natsume Yuujinchou sheets and a big pillow with Nyanko-sensei on it.
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I think I'd get a dakimakura of Watarase Jun, because I'm a cheater and he still counts.
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Sebastian Michalis (sp?) comes to mind. I can't picture it, but it comes to mind.
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You know, for some reason I never connected that Rosario + Vampire was a Gonzo series. That said, now that I know, it makes sense.
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