Golem is a anime/manga concept
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A Rock/Ground Type Pokemon and the evolved form of Graveler.

  Golem is a Rock/ Ground type Pokemon, it evolves from Graveler when traded. Golem has a body so hard that even dynamites cannot crack it. They can withdraw the head and use it's body like a boulder, Since this Pokemon is rarely seen in the wild few trainers have captured it. It is said that is is one of the heaviest Pokemon.


  1. Golem first appeared in the Biker Gange episode
  2. He was owned by a trainer at the KAS gym in Dark city
  3. Giovanni used a Golem in Battle of the Badge
  4. Gary owns a Golem
  5. Raymond used a Golem in Mewtwo strikes back
  6. Rudy used an Onix verse Misty
  7. Crooks often use Golems; a crook used Golem in Wayward Wobbufett.
  8. Flint used a Golem against Lola to see what type of Gym Pewter City would be.

Game appearances

  1. Red*
  2. Blue*
  3. Yellow*
  4. Gold*
  5. Silver*
  6. Crystal*
  7. Ruby*
  8. Sapphire*
  9. Emerald*
  10. GOD*
  11. Coliseum*
  12. Pearl*
  13. Diamond
  14. Platinum
* must be traded from a Previous form to obtain.

Base Stats

HP 80
Attack 110
Defense 130
Sp.A 55
Sp.D 165
speed: 45
General Information Edit
Concept Name Golem
Japanese Name: ゴローニャ
Romaji Name: Golonya
Aliases Golonya
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Pokémon #36
1st anime movie:
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