Goldilocks is an anime episode of NEEDLESS that was released on 08/06/2009

Setsuna suggests that Kuchinashi should give Eve a sleeping drug, as it would be difficult if she woke up before they took her to Simeon HQ. Of course, when they prepare to do that, Eve has already escaped, using what little energy she had to shift out of the ropes and runs towards a mansion.

Back at Iron Mountain, the gang tries to come up with a plan to rescue Eve. Disk tells them that they can't just charge straight in, and that she will be coming with them. She reveals her Scan power, and Adam Blade asks if she can also scan any girls' sizes. She says yes, and Blade lets her join up. The gang waits outside as Disk prepares to put on her "outdoor clothes," and are afraid she'll be in some giant robot suit. Instead, Disk appears the same, but with a summer dress now. Blade asks where she hid the data of Iron Mountain, and Disk simply opens up her dress and shows them.

Meanwhile, the Pretty Girl Squad has tracked Eve down to the mansion, a former warehouse held by Governor Kanematsu's army to guard the country's gold during the war. Setsuna tells the group that the mansion was well-known for having a large-scale security system called "Goldi Locks" that would make intrusion almost impossible. Suddenly, the image of Goldi Locks appears, telling the group to discard their weaponry. Kuchinashi waves goodbye to her metal fan, and Mio does the same to her heavy teddy bear, but then the image fades and reveals the undisguised Eve, having trouble keeping up the ruse now that she's out of calories.

She tries to escape through the mansion, while the Pretty Girl Squad tries to chase her down as they dodge the security system, which seems to involve taking off parts of their clothing (gratuitous fanservice!). Eve tries to fight back at one point, finding a whole stash of Dero Doro, but then discovers that it's "Dero Doro Light", with a low-calorie formula that gives her very little energy, and the chase is on again. The Pretty Girl Squad finds themselves on a weight-sensitive floor and throw away all of their clothing to get the weight under control, but Eve falls down from the ceiling and lands on the floor, triggering the security system and packing all four naked girls into a giant cannon.

Back at the church, the gang witnesses a holographic projection of Adam Arclight broadcasting a message throughout Black Spot, just as he gets smacked in the face by the four naked girl cannonball. After a short break, Arclight returns (with blood on his fist) to tell everyone in Black Spot that they are obligated to show up at his base tomorrow, or they will be considered resistance fighters and hunted down. Later, Riru forgives the Pretty Girl Squad, and Eve is held captive somewhere in the building as the episode ends.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Riru Roukakuji ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
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Taylor Hannah ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (English)
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Satoru Nishizono Series Composition
Hiromi Kato Character Artist/Designer
Masayuki Sakoi Director Anime Director and Animator.
Hiroyoshi Iida Animation Director


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