When LOL Just Isn't Enough: Golden Boy Ep 2

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Don't give in to the temptation!
Don't give in to the temptation!

Oh what a start. A panty shot and perverted thoughts right out of the gate. Not only that but Kintaro learns that the human head cannot turn 360 degrees and political campaigns can be quite despicable and dirty. This is all valuable information. The mayor, Juzo Katsuda, practically owns the town and runs the Yakuza! Of coure, who says money can't buy happiness? Or votes for that matter. Being stuck with campaign work surely Kintaro won't have time to do something wrong or exciting, right? 
Oh wrong, wrong, wrong. The scheming Naoko Katsuda lures helpless Kintaro into her room and undresses! That's not very proper for a high school girl. But Kintaro's to be her play thing so that should be fun. 
Don't get ahead of yourself Kintaro she only wants help with her math homework. And it's only natural she would dress down at home. Alas we find that Kintaro isn't the only dirty minded one here. Naoko must be hiding something... They've been spending a lot of time together studying that there's just no way something couldn't develop between them. And bingo! Kintaro really is being smart in this one. He's deduced exactly what Naoko feels and thinks, which of course makes her angry. Seems like an appropriate time to say, "Gotcha bitch!". 
But lo and behold Kintaro confesses his love to try and keep him and Naoko from trouble. Too bad it doesn't work out. At least there was an intimate kiss! 
Kintaro learned many leasons in this stage of his journey and if he returns the mayor won't kill him (he seems knowledgeable in the worth of a man) and he'll get precious Naoko's virginity. Study, study, study, study, study!! 
You can watch this episode, "Temptation of the Maiden", here at Pimp Anime.

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