Gokusen is a franchise comprised of 2 anime series, 1 manga series
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Gokusen follows the story of Kumiko Yamaguchi, a new teacher at an all-boys high school. Unbeknownst to her colleagues and students, she is also the granddaughter of a Yakuza boss.


Gokusen is a comedy created by Kozueko Morimoto. The manga ran for fifteen volumes from August 2000 to February 2007. The story was adapted into an anime series created by Madhouse Studios in early 2004 that ran for thirteen episodes. A live action television drama, also titled Gokusen, based on the series aired on Nippon Television in 2002 and spawned two additional dramas and a film.


Shirokin High School is one of the worst schools, as it is full of nothing but delinquents. New teacher Kumiko Yamaguchi gets hired; she seems normal at first sight, but she is anything but. She is actually the 4th head of Yakuza family. As such, she is experienced in fighting and strong enough to take down a man twice of her size. She tries to hide her background from everyone but that turns to be difficult as she tries to set her students onto right path, especially Shin Sawada, who finds Kumiko interesting.


Kumiko Yamaguchi

Kumiko Yamaguchi, or Yankumi as she's called by her students, is the main protagonist of the series. She is the heir to her grandfather's yakuza clan, but decides to go into teaching instead. Her first assignment is at Shiroken High School where she is placed in charge of the worst class in the school. Although their relationship starts off rocky, Kumiko eventually develops a close relationship with her students.


Kumiko's students are a band of misfits that most teachers have given up on. This has caused them to hate and mistrust teachers, usually going out of their way to cause them trouble. In the manga, they start out as juniors in class 2-4 while in the live action drama they are seniors in class 3-D. The most prominent students are listed below.

Shin Sawada

Shin Sawada is the leader of the group of students. He's highly intelligent, but has a tendency towards apathy. He suspects right off that his new teacher isn't what she seems and it takes him little time to discover her secret. He constantly helps Kumiko, even when she doesn't want him too, and develops a crush on her over the course of the series.

Teruo Kumai

Teruo Kumai, called Kuma by his friends, is Shin's best friend and near constant companion. He seems to always get himself into trouble and is a bit simple-minded, but he has a big heart and is loyal to his friends.

Youichi Minami

Youichi Minami is one of the students that hangs out with Shin. He has a tough guy attitude and a temper that tends to get him into trouble.

Haruhiko Uchiyama

Haruhiko Uchiyama, called Uchi by his friends, is one of the students that hangs out with Shin. He looks up to Shin and is a bit of a coward.

Takeshi Noda

Takeshi Noda is one of the students that hangs out with Shin. He was the one to come up with Kumiko Yamaguchi's nickname Yankumi and the first to notice Shin's crush on her. He is almost always seen wearing a baseball cap in the manga and anime.

Ooedo Clan

Ryuichiro Kuroda

Ryuichiro Kuroda is the third generation heir of the Ooedo clan and Kumiko's grandfather. When his daughter and her husband passed away, he took in Kumiko. While he wishes she would take over as heir one day, he fully supports Kumiko's dream to be a teacher.

Kyotarou Oshima

Kyotarou Oshima, or Kyo-san as Kumiko affectionately calls him, is the young chief of Kuroda. In the manga, he's first seen returning to the clan after a stint in prison. He took on a fatherly role when Kumiko came to live with her grandfather and taught her how to fight.

Kouzou Wakamatsu

Kouzou Wakamatsu supports the young chief and is in charge of taking care of the younger members of the group. When Kyo-san was in prison he took over the role of young chief, but gladly returned it when he was released.

Minoru Tatsukawa

Minoru Tatsukawa is one of two wayward youths that Kumiko took in when she was a teenager and thus is very loyal to Kumiko. When he returned to school upon Kumiko's insistence, he was told by the teacher not to return. This event was what encouraged Kumiko to become a teacher.

Tetsu Asakura

Tetsu Asakura is the second of the two wayward youths that Kumiko took in when she was a teenager. He is very loyal to Kumiko because of it.

Tomoya Shinohara

Tomoya Shinohara is the Kuroda family's private lawyer. Ryuichiro Kuroda helped him out when he was just a law student and eventually became his lawyer as a way of repaying the debt he owed. He's well-liked by everyone and has unknowningly won the affections of Kumiko.


Fuji is the sixth generation Kuroda Fuji. When he was born, no one believed he was actually the son of the previous Fuji because of his odd horse-like tail, but Kumiko insisted he was. Therefore, he became the sixth Fuji. He plays the role of narrator in the anime.

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