Dragon Ball #8 - Goku's Charge

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 07/10/1987

Plot Summary

Tired of losing their best operatives to Son Goku, the commanders of the Red Ribbon Army hire Taopaipai, the world's greatest assassin, to "take care" of him permanently! To have a chance of defeating this new opponent, Goku must climb the miles-high Karin Tower, where a mysterious hermit guards a jug of magic water which will grant the one who drinks it super strength. And while Goku struggles to get the magic water, time is running out...because Commander Red only needs two more Dragon Balls to make his deepest, darkest wishes come true!

Hired by the Red Ribbon Army, the amazingly powerful assassin Tao Pai Pai comes to the Karin Holy Land. He kills Bora, defeats Goku, and steals the dragonballs.

In order to steal back the dragonballs and restore Bora to life, Goku climbs to the peak of Karin Tower, where it's said that a sage lives.

After being trained by the sage cat Karin-sama, Goku crushes Tao Pai Pai. Then, in order to obtain the remaining dragonballs, he heads for Red Ribbon Army Headquarters. He defeats Black, who had become commander, and annihilates the Red Ribbon Army. Goku obtains all of the dragonballs.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 85 - Taopaipai the Assassin
  • Chapter 86 - The Devastating Dodon-Pa!!!
  • Chapter 87 - The Great Climb
  • Chapter 88 - Sage of the Karin Tower
  • Chapter 89 - A Drink of Water
  • Chapter 90 - Son Goku Strikes Back!
  • Chapter 91 - Battle in the Sanctuary!!
  • Chapter 92 - Taopaipai at the Brink
  • Chapter 93 - Goku's Charge
  • Chapter 94 - Attack From the Sky!
  • Chapter 95 - The Fall of Commander Red
  • Chapter 96 - The Triumph!


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Akira Toriyama artist, cover, writer,


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